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Codys Performance memo

Page history last edited by Cody Holzworth 8 years, 11 months ago


To: Whom it may concern, English 3050

From: Cody Holzworth

Date: April 28th, 2015

Subject: English 3050, preference



     I will be discussing English 3050 and my performance, our class syllabus states that when it comes to writing and designing, we should learn to effectively write as individuals and in teams in the standard genres of technical writing, which include writing summaries, professional correspondence, resumes, instructions, technical descriptions, reports, and performance assessments it also asks up to include the appropriate use of grammar, mechanics, styles, and document design for informal and formal documents and standards conventions of citations and documentations.

         Researching and documenting as I stated before are my stronger areas and I would say I have a stronger performance in these areas. My strongest areas’ are definitely, when it comes too designing and conducting of primary and secondary research. I can evaluate appropriate sources in support of composing technical documents.

         I also excel when I comes to technology and media, make productive and use of current technologies for reading, Researching, writing, and designing technical documents.

         I will use almost all of these English writing tools in my profession, which is teaching. I am not going to be an English teacher, I plan to be a social studies, history, and health education teacher. In those classes I will be assigning different essays about variously things. However, depending on the grade level I will be teaching, will effect the amount of writing tools I will be looking for grammar and format are a given. The other tools learn from this class will be used in certain situations. For example, I will have to use what I have learned when we did the instructions project. I will be using the instruction writing, when I have my students working on projects, paper, assignments, or tests.

     I didn’t know how to do a lot of the things on the computer that we did in this class like making our own website and writing feasibility reports. I found it a little bit difficult to write the feasibility reports because of the amount of information that you should have in the report as well as following the proper way to conduct your feasibility report. There is a lot of information and structure that goes along with writing a feasibility report. This course definitely helped me learn how to properly write a feasibility report. I still need some more practice but working with a group on it defiantly helped me understand it better because my team understood things about it that I did not. Also my teacher did an excellent job in writing instruction to help my team and I understand it better. Our teacher also had verbally helped us completely our project, which was a big help in us completing our project.

     I would say my overall independent performance on those the objectives would be at an intermediate level. I wouldn’t say I am the best writer but I am definitely not the worst I try to do my best. My grammar and editing could improve but the detail and research have always been my strong suit. As far as reading and analyzing goes I tend to skim read, so sometimes I might forget to add something and I also sometimes over analyze certain details and make them more then what they should be. I could use some work on mechanics, formatting, and technical documents. This class has definitely helped me in having a better understanding when it comes to mechanics and citations. My resume was well writing and is very clear as to what I have done in the past whether is school, sports, and work. My criteria, is probably the best part of my resume. I am proud of it and I think I did a good job. My professional website could be better. I had never created a professional website before so it was definitely a learning process. I feel like next time I can do a lot better after taking this class I should focus on the audience for the professional website as well as the criteria. My wiki-how page is well composed my audience is clear its for beginners and novice level hockey players. I was proud of my Wiki-how page and I feel like I did a good job. As for my short assignments I felt I did pretty good. They are very detail oriented assignments and I am good with details and following instructions.

     My overall collaborative performance was solid. I felt that I contributed to my team as much as possible. I did what I was assigned and ask to do. As well as doing extra things for my team like making contact with outside sources like contacting John George so my team could get valuable information. I did all the marketing and economic research work to help my team succeed. I helped my team set up a project plan from the beginning till the end of the project. The technical report part was a little hard for me at first but Ashley helped me with that she was a great teammate and from what she has told me she said I definitely pulled my weight so that made me feel good. I always asked my team if there was any extra work that they wanted me to do. I felt like a was a great teammate.

     In conclusion, this class was somewhat difficult for me so I am glad we worked in teams on projects it make it easier to learn and the pace of the class was prefect because I didn’t feel rushed. I felt my work in the class was above average. I worked well in-group projects; I hoped my group out when I came to the marketing and economic areas because of my previous experiences in college. I felt that I learned some things as an individuals like formatting memos, which I have never written a memo before this class. Also I learned a lot about targeting an audience as well as creating a website, which I have never done before. One of the most important things that I figured out in this class that I would use is the instructions part. In my future career is will be important for me to write instructions in the more effective and proper way possible, so my future students will understand what I am asking for and how I want them to complete the assignment. This class has helped me learn a lot about what you can do online as well as different types of reports and writing formats and styles. I am positive this will help me become a better writer and teacher in the future. 


Codys Performence memo(1).docx

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