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Results Section Plan HSSE

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Our Categories

Outline of each section of our Results, what's covered and what we'll include in each section.


Ease of Use of the University's Current Course Scheduling Application (Survey and Social Media FeedBack)

  • explore student feedback on current course scheduling application from survey results
  • graphic: a graph that compares students who have difficulty registering vs. students who do not 


Most Notable Student Complaints about the Course Scheduling Application (Linzy) 

  • possibly divide into two categories, one relating to complaints at WSU and other relating to complaints at other university's or course registration troubles in general 
  • explore student feedback from the survey that relates to complaints students have
  • use collected social media where students complain about the course registration application
  • use collected articles that contain complaints from students about course registration in general 
  • graphics will included tweets, word cloud (placed in intro to support our initial argument that students are unhappy with course reg.)  


Suggested Changes to the Course Scheduling Application (Mohammed)

  • break this into sections, one will cover the changes we perceived students would want (this relates to our survey questions where we ask students if they would like the feature we mention)
  • use student feedback from the survey 


Comparable Registration Applications (Jeshawn)

  • include our reviews of course registration applications
  • screenshots of other application (perhaps diagrams explaining things they do right or wrong) 


Our Registration Application (Jeshawn)

  • include our review of our course registration application (and possibly relate it to the comparable ones?) 
  •  screenshots outlining issues 


Prototype (Claudio)

  • provide an overview on how the prototype was created
  • screenshots of prototype
  • difficulties with creation, hurdles we could not overcome in the prototype without more resources 
  • usability test 


Integration (Claudio) 

  • find out who may be responsible for an integration like this
  • address using our current app
  • interview c&it staff on the process of doing something like this (planning to execution)
  • mention what other universities are doing (ie. Stanford is gathering CS students to help make their app better)
  • projected cost based on team size required to do this and estimated number of hours 
  • relate prototype to difficulty of integration


Impact On Students and Faculty (Matt)

  • we can derive student impact from the previous sections (ie. it would solve and issue they mentioned)
  • mention how this could affect student retention 
  • affect on teachers, specifically, more teacher information being provided in the application (including possible review stats)
  • we need to interview some teachers 
  • advisor impact, where we streamline certain advisor duties and their response to this (we need to interview some advisors)



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