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interview questions

Page history last edited by Ashley Nivison 8 years, 2 months ago

Interview questions/criteria 



-How did you get your business started?

the history of Blight Busters will be important to know when writing our report so we can have well rounded information.

-How many volunteers do you get?

this will give us a figure to compare our surveys to.

-Tell us about your internships

this will provide information when developing our internship/volunteers section. If John George tells us the program needs work/is being worked on/dropped, etc. we will know how to move forward with our report. 

-What responsibilities do volunteers/interns have?

Again, this will help us develop our intern/volunteer section of the report. By knowing what each intern or volunteer is responsible for we can shape our description around what they are already doing or not doing. 

-Would you be interested in collaborating with WSU?

We're hoping the answer is yes to this question so that way we could introduce our project 3 idea and begin collaborating. 

For networking, increasing volunteers and internships, etc.

-What do you see for the future of Blight Busters?

this will tell us if our report is relevant, if there is room for BB to grow and improve.

-How do you spread the word about Blight Busters?

this will provide information to the marketing/intern section of our report. Our main alternative is to provide BB with better marketing considering their website is hard to navigate now. 

-How do you get people involved?

again will provide information to marketing/intern section. 

-What are some of your goals for marketing blight busters?

this will help us narrow down our research and provide us with clarity on what Blight Busters wants.

-How do you maintain your financing?

our proposal is essentially free so if financing is a problem with staff/interns, we're providing a solution. 

-How did you get to where you are?

general background information will help us understand how the organization has been working for the past 28 years.

-What are some of the problems you’ve had getting there?

this could be important for us because our report could solve these problems such as needing more hands, interns, volunteers, etc.

-Do you get any funding or backing from the city?

If Detroit supports Blight Busters in any way, it could be helpful to know of existing collaborations or recognition BB has gotten. 






Message to John George:

Hello my name is Cody I am currently a senior at Wayne State University I am working on a group project for one of my classes and our topic is Blight Busters. We are interested in finding out more about your organization and if there is anyway we could help network Blight Busters. After giving a short survey to WSU, we have found there are a good amount of students at WSU showing an interest in volunteering or donating to Blight Busters. It would be great if we could meet or have a phone interview to get some more information. Even if it's on Facebook messaging, I would really appreciate your input. If you aren't able to answer some questions who else would be a good person to talk to? We think you have done something amazing with blight busters and we would love to help your organization grow. Please get back to me whenever is most convenient for you. Thanks!



Interview for John George


Background info:

-tell us about your mission and if it’s changed over the years

-We read your metro times article from 2008 and were wondering how did you got your business started? Business vs. community outreach

-How have you managed to continue it this long?

-How do you maintain your financing?

-Do you get any funding or backing from the city?

-What are some of the problems you’ve had getting there?

…lead into some of our alternatives

-look into policies about solving urban decay



-On average about many volunteers do you get, per project?

-What responsibilities do volunteers/interns have?

-Tell us about your internships either existing or ones you wish to have?

Have you in the past or would you be interested in collaborating with WSU?

-Would you be interested in having WSU students intern/volunteer at Blight Busters for credit and write about their experiences?



-How do you spread the word about Blight Busters?

-How do you get people involved?

-What are some of your goals for marketing blight busters?

-What do you see for the future of Blight Busters?


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