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HSSE Current WSU APP Criteria

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Evaluation of Current App


     The current app Wayne State University uses for registration is not the worst example of a registration app, however it is not by any stretch of the imagination the best. The criteria used to evaluate the current app majorly includes speed of the app, especially during peak registration times, the app's ability to show the user the most relevant information based on search parameters, and how well the app helps students setup their schedule to fit their social and work life. The app will also be evaluated on whether or not students can create their schedule without worry of overlapping classes, or having hours of gaps in between them.

     The current app is generally working at a decent speed, however during peak registration times (The morning when it first opens, the night before classes must be registered for, etc.) it becomes very sluggish because it doesn't handle all of the "traffic" very well. The advanced search menu is great for locating the correct class on a day that fits your schedule. Overall this is one part of the app that doesn't really need to be changed, or modified unless there are newer algorithms to make the advanced search work faster. The advanced search menu working the way it does really allows students to find classes that fit their schedules pretty easily. Finally the app does only a decent job of actually making sure that students are most efficiently spending their time. It will issue a warning and not allow the user to overlap classes, but it won't let the user define a "break period" between classes and warn him/her if the break is not long enough or too long. Overall, the current app Wayne State University uses is not so much broken, or bad; it just needs upgrades and modifications. So any projects that pertain to the registration app should really be more of fixes, and patches, and protection software.

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