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Seed Wayne Research

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Post all links & research drafts & documents here!


Seed Wayne Videos







What kind of experimental garden design could Seed Wayne implement?          

 Researchers: Jai, Hussein, Bhavini, Yahiya 

1 type of sustainable garden.docx



How a sustainable food system(or our experimental garden design) could benefit the environment? 

Researchers: Bhavini

urban farm eng 3050.docx


How will Seed Wayne and communities gain from a sustainable food system(or our experimental garden design)?    

 Researchers: Hussein, Lauren


Why current (unsustainable or sustainable) food systems are unfavorable?  

 Researchers: Jai


How will Seed Wayne(Wayne State overall) benefit from our study?    

Researchers: Yahiya, Safayeth

Using Sustainable Food Systems will strengthen Detroit local communities.docx


Why should communities and anyone affected should care about this?   

 Researchers: Lauren, Safayeth


What is one type of sustainable garden already in motion at another university or community?

Researchers: Hussein, Jai, , Bhavini, Yahiya


What benefits does a sustainable garden have on a community in terms of nutrition, economics, and social relations?

Researchers: Hussein, Jai

ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS (Individually) Feel free to add more questions!!



safayeth What is sustainability.docx


What is sustainability?



What makes a garden sustainable?



What are the strategies of sustainable gardens? 



what are the benefits of sustainability?



what are the cons/issues associated with sustainability? 



What are common criteria that we can evaluate?


·         We should look at if its environmentally and economically friendly

·         We should look at if it can reach everyone meaning can it be of asset to the community as a whole; are there a lot of benefits

·         Innovation:  This sustainable garden should be sustained for a long time, so it has to constantly be taken care of and improved



  1. We should look at if it is really helpful and can be sustained and last a long time or will it fade.
  2. Are the health benefits really healthy
  3. Does it really preserve the natural resources and help production and distribution of food.
  4. Is it good for the environment 



Primary research questions for questionnaire and surveys



  1. How can urban agriculture be better incorporated into city plans?
  2.  What are the benefits and selling points for urban agriculture?
  3.  How can we get more people involved in urban agriculture?
  4. Can you suggest any environmentally friendly methods that can help create a sustainable garden?
  5. How can you contribute to this sustainable garden?
  6. What can you and the community benefit from this sustainable garden?
  7. Have you ever been a part of any urban/organic farms before?
  8.    Do you think having a sustainable garden would be used in the community?




  1. What do you know about sustainable food systems or gardens?
  2. Do you think sustainable gardens are helpful? Yes or no
  3. Do you think people in the metro area could benefit from sustainable gardens? Yes or no
  4. Do you garden? If so how often
  5. How do you think we could people involved in sustainable gardens?
  6. Do you think going to different communities and spreading knowledge about sustainable gardens would be beneficial? 

Lauren Harmon Rough Draft Research  

lauren harmon project 3 research .pages.zip

Project 3 Lauren Harmon



How would you rate the quality of your diet.docx









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