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day three

Page history last edited by Ashley Nivison 9 years, 4 months ago

Meeting minutes: 90 minutes, all members attended.


First we went over our superstructure and talked over our notes from Tuesday. Everyone was a little confused at how the structure worked so in order to have a more concise conversation, we discussed our 4 main goals.


1.     Clean up web presence and social media.

2.     Wayne State as a whole

3.     Wayne state service learning

4.     Expanding intern department to include a marketing position


     After discussing what we wanted our outcomes to be, we simplified each goal to be as general as possible. This will allow us lots of room for discussion as we move to the specific.

We concluded that our report will be very repetitive and that our sections include a lot of the same information. Therefore it is important for us all to stay in touch while writing our own individual sections so we can have a unified voice throughout the report.

     There are some parts of the structure that we cannot fill in yet such as criteria and conclusions. Both of those will come with research and once the report is farther than a draft. Once we solidified our goals, it was easier to divide tasks based on interest and experience.


Then we moved to part 3. 


Primary research: experiment with the subscriptions and email. All group members will subscribe to the page and request information. All will keep record of the length of time it takes to get a response, what the response entails


We discussed that it was difficult to brainstorm research methods at this stage of the planning. We needed more information about each section before we could split up the tasks. Therefore, over the next week everyone will do research on their specific topic and post their research onto the group page. Each person needs to write 2 research ideas for their topic. Listed below are some that we discussed:


Observations: Kristen- BB, Neil- Honors, Ashley-intern

Demonstrations: tba

Inspections: Kristen, past experience at BB

Experiments: tba 

Interviews: Cody- marketing, Kristen with BB

Questionnaires: Cody with friend in Target marketing, Gianluca service learning and honors



Part 4:

Ashley- team leader, experience with grant writing and research proposals.

Neil- service learning and honors and wayne state outreach

Kristen- observation and experience. Web presence and organization

Cody- marketing and economic networking

Gianluca- interested in community outreach and working directly with Blight Busters but also is able to be flexible.


While working on our report, we collectively decided that if one section needs more attention, we can all be flexible to assist for the greater good of the report.


 Over break we will need to be thinking of the project, edit our specific sections on parts 1 &2, stay in touch on google docs, and ask any questions along the way.


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