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Meeting Minutes

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March 10, 2015


All members were present


Step One:

  • Feasibility vs Proposal 


      Pros                                                  Cons

prototye (F)                               not directly suggesting (F)

research (F)                               more work (F)

evidence (F)                               not a lot of testing (P)

directly suggesting (P)               proving old idea wrong (P)

general approach (P)                  less fun (P)


  • Decided to do a feasibility test instead of a proposal
  • Deliver to CIO
  • establishes genre
  • no coso to university
  • many benefits


  • stakeholders are important
    •  Wayne State advisors
    •  Wayne State students
  • Issue: the money that is given to fund similar project


  • Feasibility can help us expand idea and we can get feedback from users


  • Problem: Course Registration Process
  • Impact that it is going to have on each department
  • Organizational


  • evaluate current app.
  • runs slow, added sections 
  •  develop a new app. (Speak to Jeff)
  • add peer mentor (Video Chat)


  • Writing to...
    •  CIO 
    • technical staff
    • students
    • advisors
    • Jared ( most happy)


Change proposal to feasibility and rewrite initial paragraph


Step Two: 


Yes, we state what decision makers, advisors, and implementors want.


Registration team is updating current system just maintaining and keeping up to date.


  • Claudio has relationship
  • know pre-req, co-req for majors 


Benefits of new app.

  • make advisors job easier
  • allow advisors to focus on other things


May perform usability test



March 12, 2015

Minutes taken by Linzy.


All members present. 


Step three:


Primary research methods

  • other websites from different universities
  • current app. pros and cons 
  • Survey 


If prototype is good than university is on board for using it.


Possible cost

  • Individual that is expanding the prototype


Secondary Research

  • book on app. development
  • book on researched registration methods 


why these probable types of secondary research will help you write an effective, reader centered communication? 



Step Four:


Team Leader- Claudio


Team Plan:

  • Claudio- Working on prototype and  knowledge on technical business procedures at WSU. Relationships with C&IT members. Obtaining current class schedule.
  • Ben- Assist Claudio on prototype. Computer science classes and knowledge about computers. Write review of our schools current application.
  • Mohamed-Conduct survey about registration. People skills and knowledge about surveys.
  • Matthew- Research other university websites. Good researching skills and knowledge about internet.
  • Linzy- Conduct survey about registration. People skills and knowledge about surveys. Record meeting minutes. 
  • Jeshawn-Finding journal articles and books on the subject.


If team member is continuously absent and not pulling there weight they will get cut.

Team members should know that if they will not be able to finish that other team members are more than willing to help.

If work is submitted all team members will give feedback.

Write down source and will figure out citation later.



March 22, 2015- All individual projects submitted to team page 


Claudio-Revise step one paragraph

Matthew & Ben-step two, two or three paragraphs 

  • Matthew- first three
  • Ben-last three

Group- Step three, outline your own research in a paragraph 

Group- One question for survey such as strongly agree, agree, etc. and one opinionated question

Group- One sentence that states their qualification for the task they are doing

Linzy- Team accountability, one paragraph


March 24, 2015

Jeshawn-Create official time table


Brainstorm Ideas Course Registration:


  • Course Catalogue
  • Powerful search like the current one, but faster
  • Red flag classes that you failed, retake suggestions
  • Recommendations based on other students' schedules
  • Professor Rating
  • Course information, including prereqs
  • Next semester courses, etc
  • Create a 4-5 year plan
  • Override request tool
  • Minor suggestions
  • Uptime during course registration day



March 24, 2015


Jeshawn tardy


Overview of feedback:

minor change vs. medium change vs. replacing website entirely

  • keeps team open minded

How to share research and stay connected?

  • divide certain research between multiple teammates
  • take five minutes before meeting to discuss research that is being conducted


Step 1: Check

Step 2: Ben finishes last three paragraphs

Step 3:

How will you refine your understanding of the (organizational or departmental) problem?

  • Each individual has personal problems with the current scheduling app, we need evidence
  • Primary Research
    • Slow (technical research)
    • A lot of classes to choose from (survey)
    • Students may have their own problems to contribute (survey)
    • Do not have to see advisor, paper could already be uploaded
    • Course override
    • Send advisor our idea and get feedback
    • Student success (low grades and override to take course again)
    • Modify student course load to meet students expectations for graduation
  • Secondary Research
    • Asking students, we are adapting this for them
    • Advisor feelings about the change
    • Primary research developing our audience (survey)


i.  Research questions 

  • How will we find what students think is wrong with the app?
  • How will we improve the current application?
  • How are other universities doing course registration?
  • What does our audience think about the current application?
  • What are things that are good about the current app?
  • How does developing an app like this impact the university?
  • How long does it take to register?
  •  How difficult would it be to develop something like this?


     a. Several types of primary research

  • survey
  •  observations
    • other applications as far as our own

     b. Several types of research media

  • Journals
  • Media
  • Books
  • University websites
  • Blogs
  • Tweets

     c. Several techniques for searching for this media

  • Internet (WSU journal database)
  •  Library 

     d. Team understanding for how this research will be organized, delivered to the team, and documented in A.P.A

  • Each have our own research to do 
    • Each member submit research on own page
      • Add comments and discuss on wiki


Step four: 

1. Check

2. Important dates:

Next Class: (In class)


  • Find one university and course registration tool

Review includes:

  • our app vs their app
    • good vs bad
  • group:
    • 3 people do articles, books, etc.
    • 3 people view social media, newspaper, etc.
  • look for feasibility study regarding similar issues at universities
  • assign deer summary of research that is due following class      




March 25, 2015- Ben finish last 3 parts of Andersons questions

March 25, 2015- Mohamed finish qualifications

March 25, 2015- Claudio conduct rough draft

March 26, 2015- Claudio print out accountability page (bring to class)

March 26, 2015- In class


  • Find one university and course registration tool

Review includes:

  • our app vs their app
    • good vs bad
  • group:
    • 3 people do articles, books, etc.
    • 3 people view social media, newspaper, etc.
  • look for feasibility study regarding similar issues at universities
  • assign deeper summary of research that is due following class  


April 2nd

  • Take initial research and refine it
  • Conduct surveys

April 3rd

  • Strong draft paragraph ready for April 4th 

April 4th

  • refine goal 


April 9th/April 11th 

  • go over results of research
  • go over tweets and social media research
  • prototype finished by this week (Claudio) 



Jared's ideas of research

Article on retention

Bring book(s) to class on thursday

Article on app.

Other universities offering solutions




March 26, 2015


Jeshawn absent


Tasks and due dates:


  • Survery/Questionare
    • Group: Minimum of 2 questions due March 26, 2015
    • Linzy/Mohamed- Survey complete for Tuesday March 31, 2015 (surveymonkey.com)(google)
    • Send out survey to Jared's classes and other departments Tuesday 
  • Other school schedule evaluation
    • Summary of school researched due Tuesday March 31, 2015
  • Document on registration or technical development (Article, Book, Newspaper)
    • Group: At least one article on this topic due Tuesday March 31, 2015
  • Social Media
    • Tweets on registration complaints check Tuesday March 31, 2015
  • Timeline
    • Matthew have timeline due tonight March 26. 12015 


Secondary Research

  • Technical outline
    • Research technical feasibility of application


March 31, 2015


Everyone is present


  • Use our comparisons of other schools in our plan
  • Take screen shots of other schools and explain relevance 
  • Add questions that we stated into our draft 
  •   Beginning of class go over current research and how that ties into the audience and how it is changing


Take individual research and pick one school and compare it to current app. (Due April 7th)

  • Include something you liked about the app.
  • Bad things about the app.


TWO: Starting the Method Section for Feasibility Studies and Proposals

  • Surveys
  • Student complaints
  • End of meeting today: pulling method out of research plan and out it into feasibility study 
    • This is what we did 
  • Research is solid


THREE:  Starting the Criteria Section for Feasibility Studies

  • Anderson (p 547) discusses Criteria
  • Criteria goes over sections of our report 
    • identify why we want to cover in each section of our report
  • Include analysis of current application 
  • Comparing our application to others 
  • Propose updates to app. 


Compose a couple paragraphs about this

  • functionality
    • speed
    • how easy is it to use
    • how hard is it to get to
    • presentation
    • content 
    • complexity


Criteria for solutions

  • cost
  • time
  • efficiency
  • problems solved
  • technical requirements



Will this course of action actually do what is wanted?

  • Proposed changes sections


Can we implement this course of action?

  • technical aspects 
  • prototype
  • discussing alternative solutions to implementations (students using it) 


Can we afford it ?

  • cost of implementing it
  • cost to entire solution
  • cost to just make small changes 


Is it desirable? 

  • results of our survey
  • complaints
  • articles on bad course registration
  • comparisons to other schools ( wayne state is behind other universities)


FOUR:  Starting the Alternatives Section for  Feasibility Studies



  • three or four solutions 
    • range from rebuilding app. to editing app. 
  • clever way of presenting
    • fight for the most?
    • small changes for short time 




Send survey out Thursday April 2nd, 2015

Group: individual paragraph about research DUE April 2nd, 2015

  • try to hit all of criteria

Ben and Jeshawn: Criteria and turn into two or three paragraps

  • evaluating current course registration (Ben)
  • evaluating solutions (Jeshawn)

Claudio: Start drafting skeleton for what our alternatives will look like 

Matthew:Method from research report and putting it in a paragraph


April 2, 2015


Jared's comments on survey

grammar on question #2

replace #2

in your experience scheduling classes would you say this process is easy extremely easy hard very hard (NO MIDDLE)

override question

  • leading question, already trying to persuade reader

#4 re word

bias response to question about working

reword question about rate my professor without using the words rate my professor

  • add optional services to the end



Timeline: Due Tuesday April 7, 2015


April 7, 2015


Jeshawn tardy


Generating graphs in google

  • Linzy and Mohamed

Template with sections on screen 


Structure of results sections


Introduction from research plan

  • restructure


  • done
  • summary of results



Recommendation goes with alternatives 


April 9, 2015


Questions that regard ease of use 

  • I find it difficult to..

Verbal responses at different grades

  • break into most common complaints
  • Put into word cloud (Linzy)

Break down data in different graphs (Matt)

  • One by year (freshman,sophomore...) four graphs
  • Bar graph for freshman ( each category for multiple questions)
  • paragraph about correlations found 
  • paragraph about how freshman have more leeway than juniors whoa re taking specific courses 


Students wanting more information 

  • One graph

At peak hours see how long it takes page to load


Jared's comments


  • Our results showed...


  • we have proven that ... is a problem

Key Issues 

Primary needs, core needs, 

Student suggestions can be added in key issues

Sub category for integration and prototype

  • reapply main idea

Advisor impact

  • secondary sources
  • videos on advisor conferences 


Timeline: Due Tuesday April 14

  • Ease of use (Ben)
  • Correlation between year (Matthew)
  • Common Complaints (Linzy)
    • word picture 
  • Student suggestions ( rephrased title) (Mohamed)
    • what we mentioned and what they want to see 
  • Integration (Claudio)
  • Take all college reviews and make them flow (Jeshawn)
  • Screen shots of schools and say what is good/bad and upload to website
  • Prototype finished (Claudio)

Final rough draft Thursday April 16 


April 14, 2015

Matt absent

Jeshawn absent


arguments in evaluation section

do not make judgement in alternative section


interview creator of current registration? (jeff)

allow CS students to update app. (alternative)

  • students working for the students

Ask about teachers

reviewing schools results

  • seeing improvements that could be made

If WSU makes great registration they could sell it to produce revenue 



Teacher issues:

Claudio- teacher reviews and allowing teachers to hide comments and results

Instructor input on the usability test (prototype)




Current creators comments will not support us


Schools changes to registration

-white paper?

making our main arguments

-results section very objective

alternative 1- pros, cons

Base on results above...

ease of use -GOOD

social media and survey results (graph)most notable complaints instead of common

  • subcategorize- usability, availability, more information, transparency,
  • suggested changes or add ons

Prototype heading needs more descriptive 

impact of what on students and faculty? 

What about comparable registration?

  • Six key comparisons to scheduling

Our registration application- needs more descriptive heading

  • prototype sub section

More descriptive title for integration

  • Integration challenges and findings 

Are good with stakeholders-CHECK 


results are presenting sufficient findings






Background and Context-CHECK

Overview of alternatives-CHECK




Evaluation- Write Wednesday

Conclusion- Write Wednesday

Recommendation- Write Wednesday

Works Cited-(APA)-

  • site all school websites
  • secondary research searches
  • site word cloud- asked Jared
    • plug into website thing and make logically decision on what is right 
  • site articles 

Take articles and use supporting statements to strengthen  




Recommendation- everyone works on

Tomorrow get on the drive and proof read the paper if any of the above sections, evaluation, conclusion, recommendations are not started, feel free to begin writing them.

During the below times get on the google drive and be available to chat 


2nd MEETING BLOCK: 8pm-?

Matt: any questions text any of us! 



-discussion about alternatives, making the most sense... funding... 


-sensitivity to stakeholders

-suggestions, don't slip into reccomendations













































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