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gold team day one notes

Page history last edited by Ashley Nivison 9 years, 4 months ago

Interest in this project-


Kristen- volunteered for Blight Busters in the past and interested in improving their outreach.

Ashley- interested in community outreach and Detroit revitalization, I’ve had experience with service learning and writing Grant and Research proposals.

Cody-Interested in helping fix up Detroit to be better, nicer, and help the economy.

Neil- linking service learning with the honors college and engineering.

Gianluca- has a clear defined goal and have experience with Blight Busters in the past. 





A proposal to Blight Busters to improve their community outreach, participation, improvement on their webpage and online presence, help them to be a more well rounded organization. The problem with Blight Busters is that there is a lack of information and organization. By creating a feasibility plan, we will propose ways to organization B.B. and increase awareness of how to get involved. We want to see improvements in the city, we want to contribute to an establishment that’s already making a difference therefore we’re proposing a way to help with reorganization, we can include this in a recommendation section. Our goals would be to:

-increasing their marketing so people can easily access what this organization is doing by way of increasing their online presence

-improving their website by making it user friendly

-connecting to Wayne State through service learning



Step 2- division of tasks: 

  •  PURPOSE- ashley 

What are you writing? Team Gold will be writing a feasibility report for Blight Busters concerning their outreach and community involvement. A feasibility report is the best option because it allows us to discuss all possibilities moving from general to specific, and least to most important. It allows us to draw attention to all the concerns that can be fixed with our proposed solution. According to Anderson, sometimes the problem needs to be reminded when discussing the solution. Using this format, we can layout the structure for the rest of the report.

 What outcome do you desire?  It is team gold’s main concern to provide Blight Busters with assistance in their website and online presence, organization within Blight Busters, and increase of community outreach and community partnership. If we are successful with the website and organization, it will be easier to have community outreach. If we are successful in community outreach, Blight Buster’s will need to have a successful online presence. All of our goals go hand in hand and are key to Blight Buster’s success.

Who is your reader? Our reader/audience is Blight Busters, Wayne State University, and ENG3050.  Our feasibility report is to contribute to Blight Busters success. We want WSU to see our report in hopes of connecting BB to a service learning class or one of the many Detroit Revitalization projects WSU helps out with. And last but not least, our ENG3050 will be a reader for feedback, critique, and of course grading. 


    • 1. Describe your readers task, think about the steps the reader will be taking while going through our project
    • 2. Identify the major kinds of information your reader wants from your communication, Try to think about what our readers will be thinking when looking at our proposal.  What are your conclusions? Does are data support those conclusions?
    • 3. Describe the way your reader will look for the information, We have to make sure that we are communicating with the reader in a concise and efficient manner.  Everything must be very organized so that the reader is able to go through it quickly with ease. 
    • 4.  Describe the way your reader will use the informationWhen drafting our project, we have to keep in mind what the reader will be thinking.  To do this, we could include a section which addresses some concerns we think that the reader may come up with while going through our project. 


What is our readers attitude toward our subject? What do we want it to be? Our readers attitude towards our subject should be positive.  We propose plausible ideas for both Wayne State and Blight Busters and I feel that they will at least take them into consideration.  We want our readers attitude toward our feasibility report to be exactly that.  If they take our ideas into consideration and potentially use some of the suggestions then our project would have accomplished its goal of bettering Blight Busters and possibly partnering them with Wayne State.

What is your readers attitude toward you? What do you want it to be?  I feel as though Blight Busters and Wayne State alike will have a positive attitude toward us as writers.  We are a credible enough source and offer ideas on a practical scale for both institutions.  We want their attitude toward us to be professional and serious with the hopes they will find our feasibility report useful.

What is your readers attitude toward your organization? What do you want it to be?  Our readers should have a generally positive attitude toward our organization (Wayne State ENG 3050 class).  Blight Busters is familiar with Wayne State, and a Wayne State 3000 level class should hopefully have enough ethos to appeal to them.  We want our readers to have a positive attitude, as Wayne State is fairly prestigious.


  • READER'S PROFILE** Kristen 
    • Job Title: John George is the Founder and Head director of Blight Busters.
    • Familiarity with your topic: All of the readers of this report are familiar with blight in Detroit, so there shouldn't have to be much explanation. When we write the section that offers suggestions about the collaboration of Blight Busters with Wayne State students, we may have to explain exactly how our volunteer system would work. 
    • Familiarity with your specialty: There isn't much terminology that the readers need to know in order to understand our report in terms of blight. With Wayne State, we have to explain "service learning projects".
    • Relationship with you: We (Wayne State students) are trying to improve an organization that has already helped the city of Detroit immensely over the years. 
    • Personal characteristics you should take into account: Considering Blight Busters has a lot of experience and we have little to none, we have to propose our ideas formally without coming off like we know more than them. We should word recommendations carefully, offer praise to inform them we're educated about their work, and then offer suggestions on how to improve.
    • Cultural characteristics you should take into account: 
    • Who else might read your communication: Our professor, the founder of Blight Busters, and the other leaders of Blight Busters are the audience for this memo.
  • CONTEXT- Cody
  •  What features of the context may affect the way your reader reads your communication? Some features of our context may affect the way readers read would be the image we have begun to put in to growing Blight Busters and trying to help them get more people to clean up the city of Detroit. We hope to get Blight Busters to listen to our pitch and work with us to my there organization better.
  • What expectations, regulations, or other factors constrain the way you can write? Some  expectations we have would be to grow the Blight Busters organization and help them improve there website among other things. Regulations we have set have yet to be determined. Other factors would included needing to get Blight Busters to communicate with us in order for us to work with us.                                                   
  • Who, besides your reader, are stakeholders in your communication? Stakeholders in our communication would include the people of Blight Busters like the founder John George, as well as my group.
  • How will they view its impact on them? Blight Busters would most likely view its impact on the number of volunteers they will bring in as well as donations they will receive. 




-Due next class 3/10: ALL- Re-read ch. 3 & the proposal/feasibility plan ch. 26

-Research blight busters and bring bulleted notes or ideas. 

-Work on outline for draft

-Look over each others work and add comments if necessary 



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