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Defective Parking Meter Stasis

Page history last edited by Humayoun Ahmed 9 years, 1 month ago

Defective Parking Meter Stasis 

1. Conjecture (stasis stochasmos)—Is there an act or problem to be considered?  Can or should something be done about problem X?  What facts do we know?  What caused a problem?


A problem to be considered is the increasing number defective parking meters throughout the Wayne State University campus. A solution to the problem is to identify which of the parking meters are defective, and replace them. It may also be a logical solution to replace all of the meters, considering the rate that they are continuing to fail. Facts currently known are the great amount of defective parking meters, as well as the fact that many students and visitors are receiving tickets, without being given the opportunity to pay for parking space.


2. Definition (stasis horos)—How can the act or problem be defined?  Is the problem part of a larger set/class of problems?  Are there multiple parts to the problem? Can our act be defined by a Genre (of Technical Communication)? 


Many of the Wayne State Parking meters are not functional, and although they are not functional, parking enforcement continues to ticket vehicles parked at the dysfunctional meters, regardless of the amount of time the vehicle has been parked at such defective meter.


3. Quality (stasis poiotes)—How serious is the act or problem?  Who might the problem affect (stakeholders)?  What is the specific exigence for writing something? 


Many students are receiving tickets for parking at defective meters. The problem is relatively serious. I do not believe that this problem will cause any physical harm to people parking at Wayne State University, however, on several accounts I have heard from students that this is an ongoing issue, which is causing some distress.


This is causing issues to any person unaware of the laws of defective parking meters throughout the Wayne State University campus. People may park, and then find that they are unable to pay. If the person parks and gets out of their vehicle to pay and finds that they can not pay, they have lost time in their day if they decide to move, and risk a ticket if deciding to stay. Wayne State University and/or the city of Detroit could also be missing out on money that they could ethically received from legally parked vehicles.


I am currently unaware of the exact laws regarding a defective meter, but it seems that the regulations of the enforcement on the meter have not been made clear. On several accounts, students have told me that if a parking meter is defective, parking enforcement is not authorized to ticket the vehicle parked in such space, which leads me to believe that many people are misinformed, as they are. On several instances, students have received tickets while parked at defective meters.  This is unethical in my opinion, for any person receiving a ticket for parking in a spot where they were not given the opportunity to pay should not be subject to penalty, especially being unaware of the potential fine. Furthermore, if parking enforcement continues to ticket the vehicles parked at defective meters, this is ultimately causing an unnecessary deficiency of legal parking spaces on the Wayne State University campus. 


4. Policy (stasis metalepsis)—Should this problem/act be submitted to some formal procedure? Or what forms of research, writing and subsequent action might be required? What else needs to be done to solve the problem?   Who should be involved in solving the problem? 


This problem could be submitted as formal procedure. The defective parking meters on the Wayne State University campus could be identified, either by my team and myself. An additional option could be to encourage any person experiencing issues related to this parking meter dysfunction to submit the location of any broken meter, whether it be online, or a drop box placed in an easily accessible location on the campus, which would give an even more accurate recognition of this problem.



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