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Defective Parking Meter

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Manhole, Retrieved March 9, 2015, from: (link to site)



Defective Parking Meter Issue


The increasing number of defective parking meters throughout the Wayne State University campus is becoming an issue for individuals that use public parking to engage with the campus and its surroundings. Many students and visitors are receiving tickets without being given the opportunity to pay for parking space. This creates a negative image on the midtown area and may impact the amount of visitors that come to the area to engage in what the area has to offer. 


We are brainstorming a two-fold solution to tackle this issue. The first a solution to the problem is to identify which of the parking meters are defective, and replace them. It may also be a logical solution to replace all of the meters considering the rate that they are continuing to fail and the cost it takes to repair the meters. The second solution would be to create an application that would allow individuals to pay for their parking spot from a smartphone application. This would allow us to create a sustainable payment option for parking as well as moving Detroit forward.  


Defective Parking Meter Stasis


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