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Justin Bongiorno's SWA 5

Page history last edited by Justin Bongiorno 9 years, 2 months ago

My current top three choices for Project 3 are the defective parking meters, the problem of the Wayne State University lights always staying on, and adding an emergency function to the Wayne State University mobile application. I like the idea of solving the parking meter problem because I feel it is a problem that needs to be addressed. I also believe it is a problem that has an attainable solution. It would allow for the opportunity to assess a problem within the university and city of Detroit, as well as create and potentially implement a solution. Solving this problem would be beneficial to students, visitors, and staff. I think it would be rewarding to be a part of developing solutions to all of these problems. The Wayne State University light problem is an issue that I would enjoy being a part of solving because it would allow for creating a solution that would ultimately produce a beneficial impact on the environment. It would allow for exploration of the Wayne State University campus, while identifying locations where energy could be saved. Developing a solution to this problem may also bring some financial benefits to the university as well. Adding an emergency function to the Wayne State University mobile application is a problem that I would also like to be a part of solving. With continuing technological advancements, I believe that the development of this function is very possible. Developing an emergency function for the mobile application would be a great learning experience, as I continue developing my studies in the field of Computer Science, for it would help me to prepare for solving problems in my future career, as well as making a contribution to the safety of the students of Wayne State University.


Teamwork and collaboration can be beneficial on many levels when working on a specific project to develop a solution to a problem. Teamwork allows for each member of the group to bring their own specialized qualities to the project. Each individual member has his or her own areas of expertise, which gives a group more ideas and feedback, whether it be positive or negative feedback. Ideas can evolve as they are built off of one another. Time efficiency is another benefit of teamwork. Specific tasks can be assigned to members of the team who feel they are most fit to accomplish the task. Each member can work on his or her own tasks and the project can be solved more efficiently. Rather than having one person complete several tasks, each person may focus on a specific task, which they feel they would make the most significant contribution. Utilizing specialized skills of each member of the team would allow for a more efficient problem solving process. Collaboration of all members of the group also opens up networking opportunities, and resources become more widespread, which increases the ability to successfully solve problems.


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