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Kristen's SWA 5

Page history last edited by Kristen Dolgos 9 years, 3 months ago

My number one option for Project 3 is blight in Detroit. This was my original idea, because I've had some experience already with Blight Busters. I have a good insight on how the proposal ideas could begin. My next option would be proposals for integrating community gardens into sustainable food systems. I find this topic interesting, and it is also something I've had a little experience with. An Honors class I was enrolled in had the option to volunteer to plant a garden. My third choice would be expanding the Academic Success Center online. I myself would find this addition helpful, so it seems like a good topic to work on. 


The argument for group work in the pieces points out that it is critical to have that skill in the working world. Therefore, there's a lot more pressure on schools to allow students to develop this skill. One strategy from Wolfe's piece that was important was that no one way of collaborating is better than the other at all times. Face to face always seems like the best option, but that could actually be more time consuming, more stressful, and more ineffective than the other options. The author suggests that you combine two or three of these methods in order to have the best group experience. Also, to get the project done in a timely matter, she suggests making a task schedule. I think these "mini due dates" are good to have so the final due date doesn't sneak up on you. I also liked Allen's strategy for being a successful group member: focus on shared goals not personalities, resolve problems directly, stay flexible, facilitate communication. These are good expectations to have for your team members. The author also focuses on specifically how to use Stasis Theory to complete a group project by following the charts and pictures he includes in his journal.

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