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Project 3 Team Planning HA

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Short Writing Assignment 5 


My top three choices for the project is fixing the lighting issue at Wayne State University, trying to tackle infrastructure mismanagement, and finally trying to fix the broken parking meters. All of these issues affect my life (directly or indirectly). The parking meters being broken sucks because individuals (such as myself) get issued tickets when the meter isn't working. The lights being on at Wayne State all night when no one is using a certain area affects the budget for the university which affects the funding that's going to be available for things such as employees, new developments, and student resources. And lastly the roads being in such a bad shape affects my pocket directly because due to driving through a maze of pot holes every day I have to invest more money into repairing my vehicle. This means less money for me, less money for me to invest into the economy and myself.


The article from Wolfe's Team writing mentions that it is necessary to have a team manager. This doesn't mean that this individual is the boss, but it just means that this individual gets to keep the entire team in check through communication. In check meaning that each individual team member understands the role that they will be executing but however it is also equally important that each individual team member understands what everyone else is doing. This allows for a coordinated approach so that two team members aren't working on the same task without each other knowing. From experience I've noticed that it is important for the entire team to look at each others work and when pulling everything together its definitely important for everyone to edit each others work. When an individual writes they write in their very own style, and if you try to slap five individuals work together it doesn't produce a nice concise report. You have to edit the entire project so that the wording and style matches throughout the entire report. One strategy that is definitely important to managing a team is communication, from work we started using an application called GroupMe which allows us to have a group conversation with our 10-15 coworkers. It helps because it pushes the notification directly to your phone (both android and iOS and web). Another important task to execute is to establish deadlines before the deadline so that you have time to make final adjustments on the project. This allows the team to assess what bases they've covered and if any which bases they haven't covered. If they haven't covered any bases they still have time to cover them. 

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