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Austin's Short Writing Assignment 5

Page history last edited by Austin Hunt 8 years, 3 months ago

Short Writing Assignment 5


Potentially, I would like to collaborate with a group to do a feasibility study for one of these three ideas pitched in class: parking ticket problem on Wayne State campus, expanding the academic success center, and implementing Bitcoin as another campus-wide payment method. First, I would be interested in writing a paper that not only elaborates on the parking ticket problem on Wayne State campus, but also offers the campus administration a viable solution. Additionally, I am interested in doing a feasibility report to discover and elaborate on new, better online solutions to collaborative learning. Finally, I’m inherently bent on implementing emerging technologies like Bitcoin in large scale economies due to my love for technology and my experience with the subject.


After reading both of the articles on “Teaming” and the challenges for professional and technical writing projects, I stand endued with a better understanding of a few things. First, from the article on “Stasis Theory” I feel that I now have the logical tools I need in the modified stasis to work with a team in the process of identifying problems, their definitions, their quality, and their potential solutions. It acts as a powerful way of thinking through what our team agrees upon and how we feel our team can move to write a collaborative document to offer a solution the problem. Second, from the article on team writing, I strongly agree that our team will benefit from implementing a layered collaboration approach using some face-to-face and divided collaboration strategies to achieve certain aspects of the project. For instance, it would be good for our team to meet face-to-face to discuss overall project goals, clarify schedule, and define each member’s role in the group, but then to layer our work by each of us offering our various expertise to improve the project. 


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