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Ben,Kristen,Lauren,Cody,Matt Project 3

Page history last edited by Ben 6 years, 10 months ago

Options for Project 3:



Using CodeAcademy.com to help programming students learn a new programming language. (Wayne Exigency)

Expanding Academic Success Center Online, through a chat room, or different volunteers (Wayne Exigency)

     Work on Improving the accessibility to the Success Center

     Make it Possible for students to get help whenever, and wherever they are

     This is a Social and Technological Topic

     The best form of this would be a Feasibility Report

Biocomputing (Broad Technological Exigency)

Quantum Computing (Broad Technological Exigency)



Blight in Detroit. (Detroit Exigency) Social Problem.

-Large problem, can't solve with just students.

-Local group, Blight Busters, gets volunteers to improve buildings/lots and make them useful.

-This group is unorganized. Could be beneficial, but needs more help.


     -We could create a website (low cost or free) with more information to get more volunteers and more work done.

     -Include dates, times, projects, contact information, etc.



Improving Spanish Learning Experience in Courses (Wayne Exigency)



Transportation: improve the wayne state app to show when the metro is coming and going. 


Cutting down on the air and water pollution in southwest Detroit and the Detroit River.

Michigan road repairs to cut back on accidents and other vehicular incidents on Michigan roads and highways

Add homeless shelters in the Detroit area to help the homeless and to keep them from freezing in the winter and out of old houses. 


Superfund Chemical and Waste Enforcement (Detroit Exigency)

Expanding course options at off campus centers (Wayne Exigency)

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Ben said

at 10:02 am on Mar 3, 2015

5 Possible Topics
-Expanding Academic Success Center
-Quantum Computing
-Blight in Detroit
-Expanding Course Options at off campus centers

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