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Team America

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Our Ideas:  

  • Smarter Course Registration
    • Course registration app should know the classes you've taken and the classes you need to take.
    • It should make suggestions based on your current progress.
    • It should try and auto complete your schedule.
    • It should pull in info from RateMyProfessor, etc. 


  • Carpool App for Campuses
    • Sort of like Uber or Lyft. 
    • App will match students based on location and first/last class times.
    • Saves students money on gas and parking.
    • Students can split on gas and parking. 
    • Students can pay the driver right in the app. 
    • Helping out the environment. 


  • Campus Security Idea
    •  A website and an app to make campus security more opaque.
    • Students will be able to see where cameras are located on campus.
    • Students will be able to see which areas of campus are patrolled by campus police (inc. undercover officers)
    • "Green zones" can be highlighted to point out areas with the most security or traffic.
    • Students can make suggestions on where they'd like to see more security. 
    • Students can notify the campus police of a crime right from the app (maybe, people could abuse this). 


  • Abandoned House Project w. Homeless
    • (This may already be a thing.)
    • Obtain abandoned houses from the city.
    • Offer homeless free residences on the condition that they renovate the home.
    • Provide materials for renovation.
    • Possibly pay people money during the renovation so that they can eat, have utilities, etc.
    • Train people how to renovate. 
    • Renovations would be supervised (check in, etc.) 
    • Upon succesful renovation, the person who renovated the home can keep it.
    • Would help people get back on their feet, provide shelter, etc. 


  • Traffic Lights (Detroit traffic) (This idea is sort of meh, maybe we should scrap it?)
    • There was a traffic study (that I can't find) discussing how many traffic lights are no longer needed. 
    • Traffic lights in construction areas (esp. Woodward) need to be smarter.
    • City would save on energy, people could get where they want to faster. 


  • Campus Tunnel System
    • Some buildings on campus are already connected underground.
    • Expand this tunnel system to connect more buildings.
    • Students can avoid bad weather and traffic at some intersections by traveling to class underground.
    • If there's room, study areas or vending machines can be added.
    • This is probably really expensive. 


  • Making Email More Secure 
    • Millions (maybe billions) of people rely on email.
    • Email is pretty insecure at the moment.
    • You can't verify the sender, it's not encrypted, etc.
    • A lot of people don't know that appending "This email is confidential blah blah blah" is a non-binding contract, it's meaningless. 
    • This can be solved using protocols like OpenPGP. 
    • Make protocols like OpenPGP easily accessible to anyone by removing all the crypto lingo.
    • Have it built into popular email clients or create a client to do this.


  • Helping 8th grades become more proficient in reading
    • Only 7 percent of 8th grades in Detroit are proficient in reading.
    • Focus more on skills instead of comprehension.
    • Student choose the type of reading material.
    • Exhibiting low teacher expectations.
    • We could motivate them, by first giving them what they want such as more extracurricular activities, sports, better school lunches, etc.
    •   Allow parents join their kids in classes.








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