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Cody Holzworths SWA4

Page history last edited by Cody Holzworth 9 years, 2 months ago

The goals of my user test of my wiki-how page is to test beginner hockey player how to fast and effectively put on hockey equipment. My test readers would be any person who is a beginner looking to play hockey. My draft usefulness will be to make sure my test page is set up well enough for testers to complete the goal. This is testing my persuasiveness and then I can interpret the results of my test. I will also test communication of readers of a different culture and test them ethically.


My target audience is for beginners looking to start playing hockey, ideally I would like to have between six and twelve testers but a few would work as well.  I would only need a few readers from our class not many.


The best tests I can give to get the best results would include a performance test and an understandability test. A performance test would give me results in the test takers performances following my test or instructions. The challenges for the performance test would be some test takers understand information differently so I might have to take that into account that could also go with the challenges of the understandability test. The understandability test would also show much how much the test takers understood from my test or instructions.


Scope: I am testing the speed and effectiveness of how my test or instructions will teach beginners how to get gear up to play some ice hockey.


Purpose: To test readers how to put on hockey gear.


Schedule and location: In class on Thursday the 19th


Sessions: The session will be conducted during our class period on Thursday February 19th at 9:35am.


Equipment: I will need all the equipment necessary to player ice hockey


Participants: I only have enough equipment for one person but other people can follow along on the computer.


Scenarios: I will have participants follow the steps and tell me which parts of equipment to put on.


Metrics: I will find out how much each hockey experience the tester has and sort out the people who have played and find the ones who are beginners looking to play. Once I have all of the beginners I will have them take the test and ask them what they thought and if there is anything I can do to make it easier or better for them to figure out how to put hockey gear on.


Quantitative metrics: Time is also a factor in my test I want them to be able to put on hockey gear correctly and fast. So I will time them from the minute they start to the minute they finish.


Roles: I will be running the test. Unfortunately I only have enough stuff for one person and it is used so I don’t think anyone will want to put on the equipment but me.


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