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Jai's Usability Test

Page history last edited by Jai Govind 9 years, 2 months ago

Usability Test Goals

My draft is intended to be a beginner’s guide to Karrom, and easy to understand for those that are new to the board game. My test will be geared towards understanding, and determine how easy my guide is for beginners. I think that my different methods to play the game, and labeling will help beginners understand the game more easily. I believe that the rules of the game will be most challenging part that my readers will face. I will test their knowledge on the rules of the game from the instructions, and determine whether to include a separate sections for rules.


Target Audience

My target audience is any individual or group that enjoy playing board games, and ranges from beginners to casual players. This game has regional differences, so my instructions could even help players that are familiar with the game. Also I include many different ways to play the game as well, and could help those that are looking to play it differently. I would like to test at least eight people, because I would like feedback from groups as well as individuals. Since the game is at most four player, I would like a group of four to work together and test the effectiveness of my instruction set. I am hoping to test four people at the very least, and test a group of two players. I would like 3 people from our class to test it, and get group feedback if possible.


Performance Test

There are many benefits to the performance test, because the instructions will be physically applied to give feedback. The flaws of the instructions can be easily determined this way as you watch the reader’s response. This test proves to be more valuable at determining if the reader can actually complete the task at hand without further instruction. The challenges of the test include physical test materials, and the anxiety of being observed.


Location Test

The presentation of the instructions, and how easy it is for the reader to navigate through them can be tested through this test. It is important for the reader to be able to easily follow the instructions, and focus more on the task. This test is limited, because it does not test the physical requirements that are vital to some instruction sets. It can test if the reader can find specific information if the manual is long and detailed.


Understanding Test

This test helps determine how easy the instructions are for the reader to understand, and apply them properly when required. The test can help test for the effectiveness of the instructions, and how readers interpret them. The challenge to this test is application, because it does not test whether the reader carry out the instruction correctly. Also, it does not test if additional information is required for the reader to complete the task.



My Usability Test


Scope & Purpose

I believe a combination of the performance, and understanding tests will provide the feedback that I am looking for. Karrom has unique physical elements, so a performance test will determine if my instructions can be used to carry out the task perfectly. Karrom has many rules, so an understanding test will test if my readers fully understand the game. Together they will test the comprehension, and accuracy of the game being played by my readers.


Location & Schedule

February 19, 2015 (Thursday)

Room 335 State Hall, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

1 hour and 20 minutes


Sessions & Participants

One group (2 players)

One individual (1 player)



Karrom board



Physical understanding of Karrom board with diagram, question answering based to test understanding.



Question after each step completion, and overall feedback questions will be asked.


Quantitative Metrics 

Successful step completion, diagram comprehension, time to understand instruction set



All readers will be players

I will be usability specialist, note-taker, and observer.


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