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Ali Z's SWA 4

Page history last edited by Ali Zahoui 9 years, 3 months ago

1. My goal in this how-to topic is to reach out to vehicle owners that would like to learn how and work on their own vehicles maintenance. My goals is to have owners understand the process and how to perform it.  By doing it owner can be saving money, keeping their vehicle maintained to avoid costly breakdowns.  In reality my how-to topic can not be tested easily as it requires time, tools and of course a vehicle.  However I believe that understanding the process by making it an east step by step topic will have a strong impact on readers.


2. As much as I would like to have readers perform the test to see how effective it is , I believe it is impossible to do that as I mentioned it requires time, tools and an available vehicle. However I would like to have readers with some automotive knowledge read it. Instead of readers that might have no knowledge at all and might be left confused after reading the topic.


3. Understandability test would be my choice in my situation. Benefits of this test is saving time and expenses as we don't have the ability to bring a vehicle and buy tools or parts.  There should be no challenge to this test because selected readers must have some automotive knowledge unless I'm not able to find any.


Scope-my topic is How to Change Spark Plugs on E66 BMW Engines. The topic will be published on wikihow.com

Purpose-To find out how easily the topic can be understood and performed. Also if any chance of confusion that I might cause the reader, the test will help me identify the areas or steps that require more clarification.

Schedule & Location- Reading test will be done in class on 2/17/2015

Sessions- Sessions should be short since I'm only conducting an understandability test and the actual test can not be performed.

Equipment- Having the readers go over the topic.

Participants- Selecting at least 2 readers with good or average automotive knowledge.

Metrics- I would like to ask the readers if they have ever worked on their own vehicle or at least have some mechanic hands on experience.


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