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Ben C's SWA 4

Page history last edited by Ben 8 years, 1 month ago


1. The goal of my usability test is to be sure that my "How-To" article is clear enough to get someone from start to finish without problem.

My article includes edited graphics that I hope will clarify tricky sections and improve the overall quality of the "How-To". My article is broken down into parts and the part(s) that I am most worried about are on installation. This is because it is the most crucial stage and is probably the most difficult to troubleshoot.


2. My ideal test audience would be Computer Science Majors or Minors. Those who are programming for fun or have a more than functional understanding of computers would be sufficient. However, those who have a minimal understanding or don't use computers often would be a bad test group because they would skew the results due to their need for more in-depth explanation. Ideally testing two or three people would be great, although realistically I may only get 1 or 2. Testing in class may be difficult because someone would need to be willing to download all of the components onto their personal computers due to the fact that the school computers may not allow it, and I can't ask anyone to take it home because it would be impossible to observe. Though this is not an obstacle I cannot overcome because I have family members and friends who could try it on my computer (uninstalling the components completely before each new test.)


3. I would be running performance and understandability tests for this article. Location won't affect my results because location will only determine the internet speed which would only change the overall procedure time, not the outcome. By doing performance tests I can see what parts and sections take longer or are confusing to the participant and I will be able to watch someone complete the task. The understandability aspect is inherent within the performance test because as they are actually completing the task I will be able to document and note which parts are easier to understand than others.



  • Scope
    • I will be testing whether or not my instructions on "How-To Run a C/C++ Program in Netbeans on Windows" is clear, understandable, and if it works well or not.
  • Purpose
    • The Purpose of this test is to see if users can download,install, and run a program in Netbeans IDE on Windows. 
  • Schedule and Location
    • Location will be in class on Thursday Feb. 19
    • Other testing will be done on my own time at home
  • Sessions
    • The in-class session will last approximately the length of the class
    • The at-home session(s) should not last more than 20-30 minutes and, hopefully, I will be conducting two of these.
  • Equipment
    • Computer (personal, my own, school)
    • Internet Connection 
  • Participants
    • Hopefully 1 classmate (more than basic knowledge of computers)
    • Probably 2 at-home participants  (High School Student with a good understanding of computers and an Adult with a degree in Computer Science).
  • Scenarios
    • Someone that already has Netbeans but wants to know how to run C/C++ Program within it
    • Someone that wants to switch to a different IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
    • Someone that doesn't have an IDE that is looking for one to use
    • Someone is having issues with their own Installation/Running of a Program in Netbeans and is looking for troubleshooting assistance
    • A company is testing different options of what type of IDE to use in developing their software
    • A programmer is bored and wants something to do
  • Metrics
    • Ask what the person's background in computers is
    • Evaluate their level of comfort throughout the test
      • Using my own perception and actually asking after each part
    • Whether or not the article was efficient or easy to understand
    • Their level of satisfaction with the article
    • Whether or not they would recommend the article
  • Quantitative Metrics
    • I will be measuring Success Rate 
      • This includes whether or not they needed my assistance or if they completed this on their own
    • Ability to use the graphics and step descriptions to understand the process (whether or not errors were made due to lack of understanding or just a mistake in typing or clicking)
    • How long it took to complete
      • Compared to projected completion time
    • Number of errors on each part
    • Number of times I was asked a clarifying, or IT-type question
      • The test should have the ability to walk the user through the process without having to consult another resource
  • Roles
    • I will be conducting the tests and taking notes
    • I will also offer assistance only in the event that I am asked or if I notice an error that would be detrimental in completing the task (in either case notes will be taken)
    • My participants shall take part in the test and that is basically all they need to do

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