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Wikihow Troubleshooting

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Wikihow Troubleshooting:

1. Please, Do Not Disturb!  Draft in progress...


Problem:  if you're posting a draft and If an author doesn't want any editor to disturb his or her work...

Solution:  he/she can incorporate the 'in use' notice.

place {{inuse}} at the very top. (In advanced editor would be better)


2.  Format-Shmormat


Problem:  If Wikihow has the relentless notice saying that their format needs to be in Wikihow format…

Solution: You can remove the delete the {{format|date=XXXX-XX-XX}} within their coding. This should be done only after one formats his/her article to the best of his/her ability. Keep in mind that we read two guides to creating a proper wikihow article.

3. Saving vs. Publishing?  Publish!!


Problem: Saving doesn't seem to do what it should

Solution: Anyone who just stared their Wikihow must publish it in order to save it. There is an issue/bug where if one saves the draft without publishing it that same pop up screen which says "leaving this page may cause you to lose any changes you have made". Now, one may believe it should not be a problem since he/she saved the draft and will press 'leave this page'. This is dead wrong. Apparently, after hitting the 'leave this page' all their information will be DELETED. This happened to me once. Also, all the saved drafts logged in Wikihow database will have no information. It is good to publish the article at all times. Incorporate the {{inuse}} at the top as well so others will know it's still a work in progress.

4. Inserting and Formatting Images  with Basic Coding


Problem: I can't seem to insert or manipulate images the way I want

Solution:  Master some very basic code:


When adding an image, almost all coding has this notation:


[[Image:Step 7 Name your file(s).PNG|center|400px|thumb|Before]].


This Code can be added right next to the text of a step ("#This is my step[[Image:Step 7 Name your file(s).PNG|center|400px|thumb|This is my Picture]]") to put the picture in the step.

If the code is added on the next line then the image will become a step of its own.



The 'Image:XXXXX.PNG' represents the file name. The 'center' represents the layout. XXXpx represents the pixel of the picture. Thumb|XXXXXXXXXXX represents the caption.


You can change the layout, the pixel size, and the caption all in the coding.  Play around!


5. The 1, 2, 1 Step Problem with Images.

Problem:  The steps start over at one when I insert new images.


When adding pictures with the coding mentioned in number 4, add #* before the code to place your image under the step you would like it to be.


This should fix the step formatting where it goes


1. Step


2. bullet point




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