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Safayeth's Project 2 Planning Guide

Page history last edited by Safayeth Khan 9 years, 3 months ago

My main goal at the moment is to still find a suitable requested topic in wikiHow. The ones I currently have posted at the roster page, seems like good ideas, but I feel like they will be very complicated.

Anyhow, my obvious goal is to create a list of steps for people to follow (once I find the article) and then check to see if I can follow them myself. My 'persuasive goal' is then to become more reader focused and guide them.


Since I don't yet know wikiHow question I will be answering, I will use the first question in my roster page as an example which is "How to Make Your Home Look Luxurious".

My intended readers response to the questions on page 573, Paul V. Anderson, should be:


  1. These instruction should help me make my home look more luxurious, and should increase property value.
  2. Not really, the instruction are well written, and the explanation is good.
  3. If I should have the need for any parts they are listed in a well organized manner.
  4. The materials, equipment a tools are also listed.
  5. I should start from step one and continue reading.
  6. I should check troubleshooting section on the article. 


Like I stated previously, I am currently finding it very difficult to find a suitable entry for me to write about. I will need some extra time to think this over. However, when I find a suitable article, I will research it thoroughly and see if I can do it my self. Once that is complete, I can divide up what I did into steps for people to follow. 

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