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Zahouis 'X's Planning Guide

Page history last edited by Ali Zahoui 9 years, 3 months ago


1. My main goals in this project is to make the procedure easier than it sounds. I want people to perform the steps in the easiest way possible and most efficient way. My goal is not to perform the steps as fast as readers can go. I want the steps to be performed and understood the right away instead of finishing the procedure quick but no efficient results.


2. Instructions will help readers understand the steps before done. Instructions will help perform a major tune up on your vehicle and cheapest way. Instructions will ne easy to follow as long as the reader understand the step and can visually spot the parts needed to work on. Few parts are needed to complete the procedure. A simple set of tools with sockets and screw drivers is required. Once performer is ready to start all you have to do is read the step then perform and not skip through steps. If anything is not working correctly the performer should stop and research the step further more if step is not as clear.


3. It is not a requested topic. There is a similar topic on WikiHow but it is not clear on how to perform each step in details. That topic on Wiki just asks to perform the step without even explaining how to.

http://www.wikihow.com/Perform-a-Basic-Tune-up-for-Your-Car . After reading the topic I would avoid asking to perform the step without even showing the tools needed and the steps required.


4. The research needed to be performed is images research. I performed this procedure few times and I personally don't need to look deeper into the topic.


5. The headings used for this procedure are:

  • Remove engine cover
  • Unplug Coils
  • Remove coil plugs
  • Remove spark plugs
  • Remove air filter
  • Install plugs
  • install coils and check connections


6. A sample on how to remove the spark using Power point to insert an arrow to show clearly where the spot is and also what tool used.


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