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BA's Planning Guide

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Saved by Brian Atiyeh
on February 4, 2015 at 5:58:26 pm

1. Teach someone how to motion track 2D text into a moving scence in Adobe After Effects.

    Persuade someone to teach themselves more about the more secretive features of AE.


2. These instructions will help you learn more about adobe after effects and more specifically, teach you how to motion track text or even objects into a moving scene.


The only thing special you need to know is how to import a scene into AE and make a new composition


Adobe After Effects is the only thing you'll need and can be "bought" online


Final project will include what exactly needs to be done and trouble shooting.


3. There are actually no entries like the wikihow I am going to be making but there are youtube videos so I will link one here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7Pdk8euHqk

     -This is actually the video I learned from quite a few years ago. Acrez's tutorial is mostly clear and easy to learn from. One problem that I found from learning from this tutorial, however, is that he doesn't clearly explain how to find a point in the video that is easily trackable. He also doesn't go over how large to make the tracking box very much either. What he does do well is that the video itself is very fast without going through to many extra unneeded things that can be found later by the own user. I will try to make mine quick to learn from as well but will include a little more information on finding trackable points and in what situations you can or can't track.


4. Zero research will need to be done because I have a lot of prior knowledge






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