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Matthew's Project 2 Planning Guide

Page history last edited by Matthew Ostrowski 9 years, 4 months ago

Topic: How to work out without exercise equipment


Defining My Goals

My obvious goal is to provide readers with the information to work out without exercise equipment correctly and efficiently.  My persuasive goal is to keep my instructions short and simple so readers take the time to actually read them before performing each exercise.  


Intended Readers

The intended readers are anyone, typically beginners, who are interested in exercising that: 1) don't have a gym membership or 2) own any fitness equipment at their home. Basically, the set of instructions will give one or more exercises that targets each different muscle group, so a full body workout can be completed. Some exercises might use typical household items such as a backpack or a chair, so reading the list of materials beforehand will be helpful. Also, loose clothing or something you are able to move easily in would be beneficial. Once you are ready to start you read the step and then follow the picture demonstration, then reenact what you see. Practice makes perfect with these types of exercises, so if something doesn't seem right, look over the picture demonstration and retry the movement.

The WikiHow Community

The topic I am responding to is a requested topic that seems to be gaining popularity more so in the last year or two.

Comparable Entry 1




Draft of Steps


Potential Graphic


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