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How to build a skateboard ramp

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How To Build a Skateboard Ramp.





Are you sick of playing that Tony Hawk game? Well, now you can experience that high speed skateboarding rush for yourself at a really low rate, by using materials in your home.


Description: Excess to wood such as an old family table or an old bookshelf. 


Materials: Wood, Saw, Hammer, Nails, Ruler.




1. Measure and Cut Wood

                    A. Cut a piece of wood 2x3, and 2 2x2 pieces, and one more at 3x3

2.How to apply wood together

                    A. Apply the 2x2 pieces of wood to each side of the wood that is laid flat on the floor.

                    B. Then apply the 2x3 approximately  at a 45 degree angle, rested on the straight up back piece.

3.Applying nails

                    A. Apply nails to all corners of each side of wood 









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