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Ben C, Cody H, Matt O Round Two Project 2

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How To Make Alien


This tutorial will show you how to properly spawn an Alien using your own body as an incubator.


Items needed:

  • Alien Egg
    • To begin the process
  • Your body
    • To incubate and birth the Alien
  • Alan Wrench
    • To make you feel better about dying


Step 1:

  •      Travel to Planet LV-426 and grab an egg 


Step 2:

  •      In a clean and empty room place the egg in front of you and wait


Step 3:

  •      Once the egg begins to hatch be ready for tonsil hockey


Step 4:

  •      Allow the Face-Sucker to jump on your head and shove the larvae down your throat


Step 5:

  •      Wake-up in a daze with slight amnesia

Step 6:

  •      Begin having the worst chest pains of your life and slight difficulty breathing


Step 7:

  •      Scream from joy as your own little alien blows through your chest cavity into the open world

Step 8:

  •      As you're slowly dying name your baby Alien, and watch as it grows six feet before your eyes




If egg does not begin hatching within 24 hours, you have grabbed a "dud" and must return to Planet LV-426 for a new one.

If after waking up you do not experience chest convulsions and a slight difficulty breathi


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