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Matthew's SWA3

Page history last edited by Matthew Ostrowski 9 years, 5 months ago

Wayne State University

English 3050


To                    Professor Grogan       

From               Matthew Ostrowski   

Date                1/30/15


Subject           Results of workshop and Peer Feedback for Project One


After using the workshop to look over my drafts, I have concluded that there are a few revisions I need to make to my resume and my cover letter. Provided below are the results from the workshop as well as my revision strategies and procedures.


Workshop Results

After analyzing the results from the workshop, I realized my cover letter and resume are in need of a lot of work. The workshop provided me the tools to look at my cover letter and resume from an employer’s point of view. First off, my cover letter turned out to be very weak and not convincing. My cover letter was lacking key components that are essential to make it professional and strong. The message I was trying to send was not very clear. I need to make my information more specific and flow more naturally. Secondly, there were a few major flaws in my resume. I need to work on the education and job experience sections. Both of these sections were too general and need to be more specific.  My accomplishments and gained knowledge need to be more noticeable. I need to change the skills section also.


Revision Strategies & Procedures

Starting with my cover letter, I need to go into greater detail on the three main questions employers ask when reading application letters. Also, I need to show background knowledge of the company and express a value that the company has. I need to be more specific on the job I am applying for and why I chose this company over others. I need to organize it to make it stronger and more natural. Then I will move to my resume. I need to expand on my education section instead of just putting classes and the course numbers. I didn’t go into enough detail about my work experience. Instead of just listing a bunch of skills under a section titled “skills”, I need to incorporate those skills and prove them through my education and experiences. Also, I need to change the order of certain bullet points so it flows chronologically from most to least impressive.  

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