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Results of Workshop and Peer Feedback for Project One

Page history last edited by Mohamed Kulaib 9 years, 4 months ago

After reading what my fellow classmates have suggest what I should be improving on.  The most important thing that I believe I will try to work on is the fact that I need to explain to the employer why he should choose me out of any other person.


I realized that the most work that I need to improve on is for the employer that I am trying to apply for. They have noted plenty of times that I need to address why I want to work for this employer over any another company. What makes me suitable for the position than anyone else and most importantly why should we choose you. I also think that I will include what I know about the company and what the company has done to better improve the community.  I also need to figure out a good persuasive way to let the employer know how I will help them. I need to format my resume a little better and change things around to make it more astonishing to the reader’s eye before they start to even read.


I think that I will start to revise my cover letter first because if the reader sees a good cover letter they will keep on reading and hopefully move on to reading my resume. I will also be focusing on my online portfolio and try to make it more of me then with just the basic pictures and texts. My main objective now, is it to try to find out a good way to let the employer that I am the person for the job .





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