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Cody's analasis workshop

Page history last edited by Ali Zahoui 9 years, 5 months ago

phase one:

Reading Task 1:


  • hard to tell format
  • grammar mistakes  and spelling
  •  accurate grade average
  • check formatting issue in the book
  • look into revising awkward sentences.


  • answer why you want to work for them
  • you named your qualities linked to your position 


  • be more specific in naming the job and how you found out about them
  • the evidence is there but not convincing


Reading Task 2:


  • proof read
  • organize your format ( intro , education then work paragraph)


Phase Two

Reading task 1:


  • don't need a summary paragraph
  • make it easy to understand 
  • headings are easily understood
  • balance more towards experience 
  • make sure you specify the position 

Reading task 2:


  • list relevant course taken in college
  • good amount of experience 
  • needs to mention what you learned and what responsibilities he was given that may be unique

Reading task 3:


  • start with most relevant previous job
  • make sure your dates are in chronological order when organizing your resume
  • change basic verbs to action verbs 





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