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Justin Bongiorno's Audience Analysis

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What are the Three Ways Employers Read Resumes? 


According to Anderson, the three ways employers read resumes are through initial screening, a detailed examination of the most promising applications, and preparation for in-depth interviewing.


In order to make it through the initial screening, I will need to provide clear and concise qualifications that I possess, which are relevant to the position I am applying for. I will provide these so that my resume will quickly stand out and will not be pushed to the side. According to Anderson, employers spend roughly a minute looking over resumes, and since my resume and cover letter will be the first impression I provide to the employer, it is very important that I am able to immediately grab their attention in order to make it to the next step in the screening process.


Is a one-page resume enough?


According to Anderson, as an undergraduate student, a one page resume would be an appropriate length. I have not had much experience in the field of Computer Science, so a skills resume would not be appropriate just yet. I plan to create an experiential resume, which will be approximately one page in length, highlighting my educational background, previously employment within the healthcare setting, and relevant experience related to the qualifications required listed on the posting for the Applications Analyst position within Beaumont Health System.


How will you learn who your readers are and what they want? 


I will research the vision and philosophy of Beaumont Health System in order to gain a better understanding of what they are looking for in potential employees. In order to learn about my readers and what they want, I will carefully examine the position posting and the qualification requirements listed. Looking more deeply into the department of Information Technology within Beaumont Health System, I discovered the name of the manager in the department, and although do not know much about her personally, I feel that gaining an understanding of the goals of the company as a whole will help me to create a resume and cover letter that will stand out in a large stack of resumes, as there may be plenty of other candidates who submitted poorly planned resumes, which may not contain the ideas the I have included using the reader centered approach. 


What does Anderson say are the three key things Employers look for?


The three key things Anderson says Employers look for are technical expertise, supporting abilities, and favorable personal qualities.


How can your resume accommodate these? 


I will incorporate these three key things into my resume and cover letter by providing the technical experience I have had in my academic career, as well as projects I have been a involved in during previous positions within the hospital setting. I also plan to incorporate experiences I have had during my studies in the field of medicine, which will also be directly related to the position that I am applying for.


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