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Short Writing Assignment 3

Page history last edited by Jared 9 years, 3 months ago

Post-Workshop Memo:  Short Writing Assignment 3 due Friday at noon


After you receive your feedback from the group, using p. 480 from Anderson as a guideline, you will each write a memo discussing the results of the workshop where you draw conclusions about how you developed revision strategies for your resume, cover letter and website.

  • The memo should be addressed to me.
  • Your "Subject" line should be "Results of Workshop and Peer Feedback for Project One"
  • Your "opening lines" should summarize the major revisions you will take on.
  •  The next section should be "Workshop Results" and it should detail every key critique of weakness, suggestion for improvement, or compliment of strength about your drafts
  • The last section should be "Revision Strategies and Procedures" and it should start with the 'highest order concerns' and work towards the 'lowest order concerns' for revision and editing, noting for each revision concern your strategy for improving your project.
  • The memo should be linked or uploaded to your wiki by Friday at noon.  


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