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Weebly review, brief tutorial and resources

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-Multiple Pages



-Can embed code (computer science majors)

-Tons of options to include things like search boxes, slideshows, videos

-Colors and themes


How to create an account

     1. Go to website

     2. Put in name, email, password

     3. Email confirmation

     4. Sign into your weebly

     5. Click add site

     6. Click on it and add template/design options 


To change things on your page drag boxes from the left into each page where you want it. Going to the pages tab will allow you to add pages, change names of pages, and change page layouts.



Visual Design: Can be professional if you pick the right template, also can look like a middle schooler completely lost if you choose wrong. Tons of options to add and choose from-a lot of customization. Can be a little buggy on the editing pages, freezes sometimes.

Navigation: Can be a little tough to learn at first, but once you figure out where the options are you'll be set. Easy to change and add pages and upload files like resumes

Cost: completely free unless you want to make your own domain name. 






http://brianatiyeh.weebly.com/  (Honors ePortfolio)




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