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About-me review, brief tutorial and resources

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About Me

Website: https://about.me


Key Highlights

• It is easy for you to create and edit your page. 
• You can display all your online identities.
• The website provides statistics on the number of site views you receive.
• About.Me has an iPhone app.
• You receive a free email address associated with the site.


Main Steps

The first step would be to get to the webpage about.me either through our class roster page then to the Georgia webpage. 

The second step would be to sign up to about.me with you first and last name then your email address with a password.

The third step would be to after getting accepted to the webpage then create your profile and then you should be on your way to creation of your new webpage.











By Eric Griffith

AOL's online profile service, About.me (free), is practically the old man of personal Webpage sites, having launched way back in 2009. (AOL scooped it up in 2010.) The About.me homepage welcomes you with a display at the bottom of featured landing pages, so you can get an idea of what an About.me page will look like. The emphasis, as withFlavors.me (Free, 4.5 stars), is on a big photo as the background with accompanying links. About.me delivers big on that score, and entirely for free. Sadly it lacks some of the landing page features that would make it the leader while stressing unneeded social components. 


By Simon Kong 

I really like it. I share my about.me link with people whom I meet but don't want to send directly to my Facebook account.  (this was before G+)  I work in events and in many social spaces.  Its business but also social.  I use my about.me profile to allow people to explore both my Professional and Social side of my online life before we become friends on fbk or other. Love the clean layout.


Video Tutorial:



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