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Wordpress review, brief tutorial and resources

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Visit Wordpress Here


Quotes from Reviewers

Link to a side-by-side review of Wordpress compared to other site builders, here 



  • Quick set up.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • One of the most popular (and free!) blogging platforms.
  • Websites can also be built using Wordpress (CNN built a section of their site using this). Note that some job descriptions in the journalism fields state they want candidates with experience on the site.
  • Great embedded statistics.
  • Templates (free and paid) that you can use to get started.

          From University of Georgia Career Center


How to Set up an Account

  1. Head to wordpress.com
  2. Click “Create Website” in there center of the page.
  3. Enter the name of your Wordpress page (ie. yourname.wordpress.com).
  4. Click “Create Your Blog and Continue”
  5. Enter your email, username and password.
  6. Skip the custom address bit unless you want one (costs money).
  7. Pick a theme you like.
  8. Use the free option unless you want the benefits of the premium and business plans.


Ease of Use

Looks and feels like other social media sites. Interface is super simple, if you've used a wiki, you know how to edit pages in Wordpress. You can quickly preview your progress and make changes easily.


Examples of Wordpress Pages






Visual Design

Themes are simple and focus on user content without distracting features like ads. The Wordpress editor is also really clean and nice to look at.


  • Really clean user interface, so it's easy to locate things.
  • Wiki style editor. 


Wordpress is free for basic features but if you want your own domain or premium themes and support, you can pay. Fees range from $99 to $299.



Wordpress provides a lot of documentation and lesson on how create edit Wordpress pages here.



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