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Humayoun's Audience Analysis

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Audience Analysis

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Begin by identifying the specific task your readers will perform using your communication 

  1. What are the three things employers look for?
    1. Technical Expertise
    2. Supporting Abilities
    3. Favorable Personal Qualities 
  2. How does your C.V. provide these?
    1. My C.V. will provide these (hopefully in the final draft) via tailoring favorable personal qualities to those that the company is looking for such as an individual that is able to build trust with patients, coworkers, and one that is able to give a good name to the company (through collaboration and communication/consultation).
    2. My supporting abilities and technical expertise will be tailored to meet these expectations of collaboration and consultation.
  3. One paged resume is enough as long as the page is complete
  4. What are the ways that employers read resumes?
    1. Initial Screening
    2. Detailed Examination
    3. Preparation for in-depth interviewing
  5. How can your resume accommodate these?
    1. My resume will accommodate these by using the experiential method (by the final draft). I will tailor my experience to emphasize my collaboration, communication, team management, and time management skills. I will also tailor my resume to emphasize the work I’ve done has a team leader and the degree of communication it requires  


Identify the readers' attitudes that are relevant to the communication

  1. How will you learn who your readers are and what they want?
    1. I used the Walgreens company website to find out what they want and what their objectives are. 
  2. Who is going to read your resume?
    1. I’m not sure specifically who is going to read my resume, but it appears that someone from the pharmacy division will definitely read my resume. Most likely someone that deals with the future with Walgreens’ pharmacy division. 
  3. What are their objectives? As individuals within an organization?
    1. Their objective with this internship program is to improve the patient experience by training future pharmacists to build long-term trust and relationships with the patients. They hope to achieve this with a highly collaborative and consultative environment one which pharmacists are out from behind the counter and they are working with patients.
    2. As an organization Walgreens hopes to promote diversity to serve their customers better, the organization believes that it has a corporate social responsibility (reducing waste and shrinking emissions) , and it aims to provide affordable healthcare that fits the patient’s life with healthcare clinics. 
  4. What do they want from an employee? What do they want from you?
    1. I believe that they want individuals that will help them improve their abilities to provide affordable healthcare services to patients so that a patient can see the company, Walgreens, as a brand that is trustable and reliable. I believe they want individuals that can communicate and collaborate well with coworkers, patients, and supervisors all at the same time.
    2. I believe what they want from me is to have the ability, or the open mindedness in order to work in their viewpoint towards their goals. That future pharmacists that work for Walgreens shouldn’t just be behind the counter and that they should be working directly with patients and consulting them to help build that trust with the pharmacist and the company. I believe that with this internship they are not just trying to improve their workforce but also they’re trying to move the profession beyond where it is at this point of time. 


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