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chapter 2

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i. what employers are looking for-

-Technical Expertise: employers want to hire people who have experience in the field, and who require minimum on the job training.

-Supporting Abilities: abilities beyond technical ones such as: interpersonal, time management, and project management skills. They will almost always include communication skills.

-Favorable personal qualities: employers want motivated, self-directed, and responsible individuals who work well with others such as customers, vendors, and others outside the organization.

-My C.V. will show the three key things employers are looking for in my experiences. While writing about my work experience I will include in detail my technical and communication skills, and show that I am a motivated and responsible worker.


ii. how employers read resumes-

-Initial Screening: employers receive hundreds maybe thousands of resumes so they keep the resumes where they can quickly spot clear and relevant information about your qualifications.

-Detailed examination of the most promising applications: the second step, viewed by a manager or the person doing the hiring. These readers are looking for specifics like what they desire in the potential employee and they search your resume for the specific skills and abilities.

-Preparation for in-depth interviewing: resumes that pass the second step are used as references for job interviews and questions are usually formed from what is included on the C.V.. 



i. The first step in determining what your readers want, is to determine what you, the applicant wants. You need to decide the job, internship, or co-op you are applying for and then you can determine your reader. Your reader will change per job you are applying for, thus you will need to tailor your resume for each job. You can learn what your reader wants by thoroughly reading the job posting and doing some research about the company or establishment. For my resume some potential readers are the Detroit Institute of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, 555 Gallery, Contemporary Contemporary, Cranbrook Museum of Art, and Detroit Medical Center Children's Hospital.


3. The resume I currently have would be considered an experiential and since I have last constructed it, I have done a lot of professional work heightening my skill set. Therefore I will be changing my resume to be skills focused. I think my work experience will read stronger if I first list my professional skill set. I think the work I've done speaks for itself and I don't want one of my readers first impressions to be that I have not finished my degree. If at first my reader sees how qualified I am, that impression will be stuck in their head opposed to my in progress fine arts degree. 



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