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Lauren Skills Analysis

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1.What does Anderson say are the three key things Employers look for?  (p.25) How will your C.V. provide these?

  • Employers want to hire people who can perform their jobs adeptly with a minim of job training.
  • Supporting abilities- Time management, and project management skills, among others
  • Personal qualities-Very motivated, self directed, responsible individuals, also people who work well with other employees.

I will provide my resume with the job fields I have knowledge in to give my furture employer an idea of where I used to work to at and the types of tasks I provided.

I list my skills including what I could offer the job.

As well as personal qualities like how I am goal-oriented, and how I work well in groups.

How employers read resumes

  • Pouring over a page
  • skimming
  • Initial screening spending less than a minute looking at your resume seeing what stands out to them
  • Detailed examination- Resumes that pass the initial screening are forwarded to managers. These readers know exactly what qualifications are desired
  • Prepartation for in-depth interviewing- resumes that pass the second stage are then treated with great care, and usually involve a series of questions.





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