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Ben's Responses to the Six Reader-Centered Strategies

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     i.) Jobs that I will be looking at will be closely-linked to computers and because my major is in Computer Science and I therefore need to take a variety of computer classes, coupled with the fact that I do a lot of learning and research on my own, my need of on-the-job training would more than likely be minimal. Also I have a diverse academic background, and job experience working as a part of a team and on my own that gives me a wide skill-set and the ability to be an active and contributing team member. Finally I am very self-motivated and I work well with others because I have a friendly attitude and a determination to succeed.


     ii.) For the initial screening portion of the employer reading of my resume I will be sure to use certain buzz words (efficient, contributing, effective, etc.) to help catch the attention of the human or computer scanner. My resume will then concisely explain my skill set, and qualifications utilizing buzz words as necessary. To be sure that my resume will persuade the last reader to call me for an interview I would be sure that it is grammatically correct and without diminishing my accomplishments and qualifications, I would explain them concisely and as "to the point" as possible.



     i.) To find out what exactly the reader wants I would research and analyze the job ad. Usually the ad would list the responsibilities and qualifications for the applicant (me), which would kind of outline what the employer or reader would be looking for in an applicant. The ad would also more than likely have an "About Us" section that could and should list their goals as a company that would help me understand what exactly they are looking for in an applicant. Neither the ad itself nor the website readily list any individual or group of people that would be reading applications.



     i.) I would be creating a skills emphasis resume. This is due to my lack of actual computer based job experience. Listing my minor job experiences in possibly related fields would be beneficial but more as a "by the way" or "I would also like to point out" setting.

     ii.) My first heading would be skills and accomplishments, followed by an education section, then employment history, and end with special skills such as a second language etc.

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