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Justin Bongiorno's SWA 2

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I found Anderson’s Chapter Two to be a very informative guide to create a well-designed résumé and job application letter. I discovered that in order to create an effective résumé, there are quite a few guidelines that I had overlooked in the past. One interesting strategy I learned from this chapter is the importance of creating a résumé that is tailored to persuade the employer that you are extraordinarily valuable to their company. I realized the great importance of focusing on the reader while developing a résumé. I learned that the résumé should most certainly be tailored to the position I am applying for. I also learned about the importance of being concise. I always had believed that résumés were documents that were notoriously boring, but this chapter taught me that it is beneficial to incorporate creativity and there is a lot of freedom in creating a résumé. I also found it to be interesting that there are different styles in creating a résumé. It must be organized and have a well-designed structure, which allows the reader to have a pleasant visual experience. I had always thought that my résumé was too short, but this chapter taught me that as an undergraduate student it is actually beneficial to create a résumé that is approximately one page in length.


I also learned about a few guidelines in creating a successful job application letter. I found that in the job application letter, the ideology behind its creation is similar to that of the résumé. The job application letter should be tailored to the reader. I found that there are structural guidelines to follow when creating a job application letter. For instance, when writing the job application letter it is important to express why you are more valuable to the company than anybody else would be, and to learn about the company before applying in order to explain why you would be best fit for that company.


While searching for potential jobs to apply for in Project 1, I found that at this point in my academic career I am very under qualified for a majority of the IT positions listed. The first position that I found is a position at Beaumont Health System as an Applications Analyst, which is a full time position. The responsibilities of the position are all listed on the careers page of the Beaumont website. One of the major responsibilities of the Applications Analyst position is to develop, configure, and modify moderately complex information systems. I am in the beginning stages of learning the C++ programming language, with six back to back semesters ahead of me, where I will become familiar with many programming languages and will also be extensively studying program architecture and design. I have been working with Beaumont on and off for the past six years and have also spent a great amount of time at Beaumont growing up, as I was raised by a mother who has been employed with Beaumont for my entire life. My experience being there has given me a grasp for the ethics and culture of the medical community. The philosophy at Beaumont Health System is centered entirely on patient care and patient privacy. All processes and policies at Beaumont are created to ensure that patients receive the safest and most effective medical treatment. I hold that philosophy near to my heart. In a hospital setting I believe it is most important that processes are efficient, effective, and consistent in producing beneficial outcomes for patients, while also respecting patient privacy. Working in the laboratory gave me the hands on experience to become familiar with many of the behind the scenes processes of the hospital. I was also previously studying to become a Medical Laboratory Scientist, which gave me a very good idea about the operations of the laboratory and its relationship with all of different areas in the medical community.


The second position I found and considered applying for Project 1 is a position at General Motors as a Software Test Analyst. On the job posting I found the Software Test Analyst is responsible writing code for General Motor’s systems and applications. There are many computer science related qualifications, which are listed on the job posting. The first listed qualification is a B.S. in Computer Science, which I am working towards. Many programming qualifications are also listed, which I have not had much experience in yet. There are many other general qualifications listed, including excellent analytical and problem solving skills, ability to learn new concepts and apply them to solutions, and strong written and verbal communication skills. In my letter of application and résumé I would incorporate past experiences where I have had to use those general qualifications. For instance, during the merge between the Troy Beaumont Microbiology Laboratory and the Royal Oak Microbiology Laboratory, there were countless changes taking place. I worked on a project over a period of months where I compiled data of the various tests that had been sent from Troy to Royal Oak during the transition, in order to create a document that presented the quantities of each of the different tests that had been sent from Troy to Royal Oak. This data was used in making modifications in the Royal Oak Laboratory, which helped to reduce waste of reagents and created a more efficient testing processes.


I plan to create a résumé that is one page in length and I plan to prepare the résumé in the format of an experiential résumé. I learned from Anderson’s Chapter Two that as an undergraduate student, it is important to keep the résumé short, while being concise and effective in persuading the reader why I have the qualifications necessary to hold the position of the job I am applying for. I will write an experiential résumé because I am an undergraduate student who is very new to a career in the field of Computer Science. I have spent my recent years immersed in education and employment that was entirely directed towards medicine, and I do not feel that the skills résumé would be beneficial at this point, since I have not had much professional experience in the Computer Science field yet. A skills résumé may be more appropriate after I have completed projects and gained more experience in the field of Computer Science.


When applying for the Applications Analyst position at Beaumont I think it would be important to include that I have had a lot of coursework in the Medical Laboratory Science field as well as experience working as a laboratory assistant in the microbiology laboratory, where I gained hands on experience working with the laboratory information systems. As of now, the recent college classes that would be important to this résumé would be chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and immunology. As part of a project for college, I became a mentor to a high school student, who I volunteered to tutor in chemistry and mathematics. I enjoy sharing knowledge I have with others, and I felt that the tutoring I offered was very beneficial to the student that I worked with. I feel that it may also be worth noting that I spent time shadowing physicians in the fields of pulmonology and pathology, along with a house physician. The experience shadowing the physicians helped me to gain knowledge and experience of the processes within the hospital.

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