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Safayeth's SWA 2

Page history last edited by Safayeth Khan 9 years, 1 month ago

     In "Technical Communication" by Paul V. Anderson, introduced me to many great advice about how I will be able to craft a more effective resume. The resume I currently use is from my high school year and was mostly dedicated to my achievements, which don't really give the employers what they are looking for. It is not, as Anderson would say "reader-centered", its more centered toward me. I only put information that are relevant to me, not my employer. When I created the resume I wasn't told to focus on a certain job or to target a specific reader. I was just told to follow a simple template. Therefore, the most relevant and interesting tip was to be more "reader-centered" and to answer the questions of the employer. Another interesting and relevant tip was to research the employers, job position, and requirements. Even though, there are many great tips I found these to be most relevant to me.


     Two jobs that I would like to apply for are an internship at DTE Energy for Electrical Engineering position and second job is to apply for a temporary position in customer service for Best Buy. Obviously, to apply for these jobs I will first research the positions. I will find information about their responsibility, and qualifications. I will then research what they want in an employee and craft a resume targeting those needs.


     The resume I will create should be one page long with most of necessary information an employer seeks. For this resume, I plan on starting from scratch as my other resume will only distract me from improving it. The new resume that I will create will put more emphasis on skills rather than experience, as I have none in Electrical Engineering, however I can add some experiential information for the customer service position. For the customer service position I can show that I have some experience with customer service from working as a waiter at a restaurant.


     For Electrical Engineering I believe that my C++, math, and basic engineering courses would be most relevant in applying for this position. For customer service position however I just need basic knowledge, but putting course information like math and engineering would improve my chances of being accepted, as it is a major electronic store.  

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