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Kristen's SWA 2

Page history last edited by Kristen Dolgos 9 years, 4 months ago

     The only experience I've ever had with writing a resume is the basic information I received in high school. Chapter Two in our book focused on how the resume is a reader-centered piece of writing, and that I shouldn't be simply listing my past jobs, activities, and experiences. It should have only information that makes myself seem appealing in my future employer's eyes, and it should be organized in a way that's easy to read and designed to find information effectively. This could change based on the specific job the resume is for, meaning the resume may need to be altered based on that. I also found it interesting that different life experiences and opportunities lead to different types of resumes. For example, one could be focused on what your schooling has taught you, but another could portray what you've gained from work experiences.


     My major is Mathematics with a focus in Actuarial Science, so I want to find a job at an insurance company.I have decided to try to apply for an actuarial internship at either State Farm or Allstate. 


     I will create an experiential resume that will be one page in length. I believe this is the best option because I have had more experiences with education, activities, and employment, rather than professional experience that I would need to conduct a skills resume. 


Classes I have taken that I believe are relevant in this resume are Calculus 2 and 3, Statistics, Honors Micro Economics, Computer Science, and Technical Communications. 


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