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bhavinis resume

Page history last edited by bhavini patel 9 years, 4 months ago

Bhavini Patel

1830 Division rd.

Windsor, ON

N8W 1Z6






July 2014- present                                                  Wayne State University

  • ·         Currently a full time student at Wayne State  University, studying Honors in Biological Sciences


Sept. 2012-April 2014                                            University of Windsor

  • ·         Full time student at the University of Windsor, studying Honors in Biological Sciences


Sept. 2009-2012                                      Vincent Massey Secondary School

  • ·         Windsor, Ontario
  • ·         High school Graduate

Work Experiences

June 2014-September 2014                     South Asian Community Centre

  • ·         Responsible for answering phone calls and taking appointments
  • ·         Working on publishing a South Asian Business Directory


April 27th, 2011-June 2012                     Burger King

  • ·         Responsible for taking orders, and maintaining dining room
  • ·         Preparing food as well as making sure of cleanliness


Volunteer Experiences


October 17th 2012 – July 2014                Doctor Ian McDonalds Dental Clinic

  • ·         Filing and appointments
  • ·         Worked with the dentist, helped make fillings and clean dental trays
  • ·         Discharge patients  

February 19th, 2011-October, 2012         Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital

  • ·         Volunteer on the Neurosurgery floor
  • ·         Responsible for filing, running errands, cleaning, discharge, and many more
  • ·         Volunteer for the Discharge Team; responsible for getting patients home safely


October 11th, 2008-2010                         Michaels Arts & Crafts

  • ·        


January 30th-31rst, 2010                           Lifestyle and Fitness Expo

  • ·        


October 17th-18th, 2009; October 17th, 2010           Ladies Expo

  • ·        
  • ·        


June 6th, 2009                                          Art in the Park Festival.

  • ·         Helped in the food court


March 21st, 2009                                     University of Windsor for Nursing Games

  • ·         Required a second language skill


September 2013-April 2014    Treasurer for the Meditation club at the University of Windsor


May 2011-May 2014  Reach for the star leader


June 2009-June 2011                                       ·      Received a Principles Award for a high achievement in                                                        Academics for Grade 9, 10, 11 & 12.


Special Interests/Qualifications

  • ·            Love to help out in the community, independent and hard worker 
  • ·            Have acquired G license 
  • ·        
  • ·         Fluent in English; also speak French, Hindi and Punjabi



Dr. Charron                                                                                         Chantelle Boyce

Biology teacher at Vincent Massey                                                         Manager of Burger King

Secondary School as well as a doctor of Chiropractics                           Tel: (519) 969-5223

Tel: (519) 969-2530 (School’s #)                                                          



Brenda Soepboer (Ladies Expo)                                                    Sherry Coombs (Ladies Expo)

Owner/Operator                                                                                   Owner/Operator

Marketing & Administration                                                             Sales and Public Relations

519-981-0101                                                                                      519-817-2968



Dr. Ian McDonald                                                                              Dr. Sushil Jain

Dentist                                                                                                   Professor and President at the South Asian Center

(519) 977-0411                                                                                    519-252-


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