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Exclusive Resume

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Interesting and relevant ideas from the chapter:

            From reading the chapter I was able to further understand the process of writing a resume. Also, the process that an employer goes through while deciding which resume to pick. The relevant strategies that I have learned about writing a resume are that you need to persuade the audience of your value. For example, when writing you need to focus more on the individual that is going to read your resume and the qualities that they pertain. You need to be able to prove that your qualities are better than the other applicants that are applying for the same position. Lastly, the chapter provides tips on different things that you can add to have a greater chance of being picked for the job.


Job Openings:

            I am pursuing a career as a Mechanical Engineer. I found a summer internship online at Consumers Energy searching for an engineering student. My plan is to research the company and try to gain knowledge about how they conduct their business. From there, find out any opportunities to meet with members of the company to see if I am a good fit for the job.

            Also, I was able to find a summer internship posting at Altair Engineering. I researched the job advertisement by visiting the web page and reading about the company. Furthermore, I looked at the reviews that were posted about the company and how their business operates. The responsibilities that were posted seemed to fit well with the qualities I obtain and it seemed like a good fit for me.


Length of Resume and type:

             The length of the resume I plan on writing is one page single-spaced. The reason behind this decision is because I feel as if you should be able to get your point across without feeling like you are rambling. Also, because the people that are going to read these resumes are very busy. Therefore, if too much unnecessary information is added then the intended reader could easily lose interest. The type of resume I will be conducting is experimental emphasis. The reason behind this is because it focuses on education, activities and future jobs. On the other, a skills emphasis focuses more on the potential you have to fill a job with the experience you already have.


Important classes and activities:

            The most important class that I have taken that I would include in my resume would be Basic Engineering 1200. The reasoning behind this is because in the class you had to do a lot of problem solving in a group. I feel that in the engineering environment it is essential to have good people skills and to be able to work in a group to solve the task at hand. Likewise, I feel as if all of the math courses that are required for an engineering degree are also very important because in most mechanical engineering jobs you are required to do math problems quick and efficiently.


          I do not have a current resume on file that I feel would be helpful to forming this new resume for this class.


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