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Getting Ready for Project 1

Page history last edited by Ben 9 years, 4 months ago

     In Anderson's chapter two, I found there to be many strategies and guidelines that helped define and explain what kind of information should be used in a cover letter and resume, and how to use it. One of the most important strategies is to write in a reader-centered approach. This type of writing is key for a resume because it makes the information presented in it, easy and quick to find, and it makes the resume shorter because this design forces the writer to think about the needs of the reader and the quantity of resumes that they may need to process in a single day. An important guideline to follow when creating a cover letter is, when writing do not think and write about what the job can give you, the writer, but rather what you can contribute to the company or what you are providing to the prospective employer that they want. 


     Using the provided "My Career" tab on my Wayne State Blackboard home page, I was able to find a few postings for potential internships/jobs that I could apply for. The first is a software developer internship online, posted by AG Technologies, in which I would at different times be working by myself, or with a team under the supervision of a senior technical lead. My responsibilities would be making software systems using object oriented programming languages, and creating unit and integration test procedures along with assisting with troubleshooting and bug fixing.


     The second potential job is a Web Developer and IT Internship with a company, Sensual Secrets. They are looking for people to help develop a website from scratch that allows them to upload thousands of items of inventory, create and manage user accounts, and manage the online exchange of funds. Requirements for the job is experience in communication and team-based work, along with HTML scripting and high efficiency in troubleshooting and project development and management.


     The type of resume I will be creating will more than likely be one page long, and will have experiential focus instead of skills focus. The resume will only be a page long because I do not have enough experience or work history, along with job-related accomplishments to demand a longer resume. The resume will have experiential focus because I do not have the work history, list of accomplishments that would allow me to write a skills resume.


     I am currently enrolled in a Computer Science B.S. curriculum and therefore all of my computer science and math classes, will be the most relevant to this resume. There will also be a few extracurricular studies that I have completed and am completing that will be relevant to this resume.

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