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Humayoun's Writing Response SWA2

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Anderson's Steps to Obtaining A Job


     In chapter two of Anderson's book, Technical Communication, Anderson discusses strategies and tips to revise resumes and cover letters in order to maximize the chance of obtaining a job. Some of the more relevant and prominent strategies that Anderson stresses when constructing a resume is to consider using strong verbs, using parallel constructions, and using verbs to describe actions instead of nouns. Aside from the grammatical strategies that Anderson presents, Anderson also provides a wealth of design strategies (Anderson 37-39) so that resumes are attractive, easy to read, and they are able to highlight an individual's qualifications. Anderson also mentions that a resume must be continuously revised and edited for each specific position that an individual is pursuing so that the resume can be tailored to the specific wants and needs of the employer. However, Anderson also stresses that if an individual is pursing two similar positions in different companies it is permissible to use the same resume for both positions since to the wants and needs of the employers will be related.  


     In order to practice and implement Anderson's advice on constructing a resume and cover letter I plan to revise my current resume and create a cover letter in order to apply for various positions in the pharmacy career field. I will use an experiential emphasis when I create my resume because I don't have enough professional experience that is required to use a skills emphasis in a resume. Anderson states that an experiential resume is the "best choice for most college students and persons new to their careers" (Anderson 27).  I am a junior at Wayne State University and I have yet to enter the pharmacy career field (or even the pharmacy graduate program) therefore using an experiential resume would be the best choice for me as prescribed by Anderson.


     I will include my job as a peer mentor in my experiential resume because I believe that by using my job I can showcase important skills and abilities that I have gained throughout my college career. In order to fulfill the requirements of a peer mentor I must demonstrate proficiency in the course that I mentor in as well as demonstrate skills such as  public speaking, writing, time management, and team leading just to name a few. Collectively my entire college experience and courses has helped me to build and improve upon these skills so that I have the ability to execute these skills when required by my my supervisors. I believe that by being a peer mentor I can demonstrate skills and knowledge learned from oral communication, English (technical communication), computer literacy, biology, chemistry, and mathematics which can lead to the creation of an impressive resume. 


     In order to create an effective resume and cover letter I will be tailoring my resume and cover letter to two positions that I may apply for. The first position that I plan on applying for is a pharmacy technician at Rite Aide because I believe that I have met all the initial requirements in order to apply for that position. The second position that I may apply for is a pharmacy internship at Walgreens. I believe that this position can help me jump start my future career in pharmacy. Walgreens and Rite Aide are both large companies with stores across the nation which makes conducting research about company ethics a little easier compared to a retail pharmacy with no national presence. I will research and analyze each job ad (or whichever one I choose) so that I can convey the message that I can handle responsibilities of the position and that I do have the necessary skills in order to execute the duties of this position.  


     I am also interested about creating a specific resume and cover letter for my pharmacy graduate program that I will be applying for in fall of 2015. The Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences requires a personal statement along with their application. The personal statement must address why I chose pharmacy as my career, how earning a Doctor of Pharmacy degree will allow me to achieve my goals, and in addition how other elements of my life (personal, professional, educational) will help me achieve my goals. I look forward to working on this project with the intention that it will help me advance in my goal of becoming a pharmacist. 


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