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Elite Resume

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Elhaj Resume.docx

Interesting/Relevant ideas from the reading

                The first interesting idea about what to consider when writing a resume that stuck out to me was this idea about being reader centered and not writer centered.  I always thought the whole purpose of a resume was to simply word my resume in such way that I land an interview. Although that is the final and main goal, being reader centered is the best way to land that interview. For example, Chapter 2 taught me that rather than thinking about what my strengths and qualifications are, to think more so about what the person reading my application’s qualifications are that they’re looking for.  

                Another interesting and important idea I learned from chapter two is the type of wording and how to go about expressing my qualifications. Before reading chapter two I always assumed graduate schools and future employers prefer lengthy explanations and descriptions. However, the chapter emphasizes the importance of direct and specific statements. A technique that I found to be very cool and never really thought of before is the usage verbs rather than nouns can have. That is something I’ll be sure to utilize on my resume that I never thought actually made a difference.  

Job openings

                Being that I am hoping to pursue a career in physical therapy, I found a job opening online at Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers in Metro Detroit. My approach is to research the center as a whole to get a good grasp of the qualifications they are interested in.  For example, I will look up the number of people hired straight out of college and without any work experience yet. Furthermore, I will research all upcoming events and potential employers in order to meet them and get an idea of what they’re expecting of me.

                Although my main goal is to become a physical therapist, I am a psychology major and therefor will consider pursuing a career in that field. I found a job opening in Michigan as a clinical coordinator. For this job opening I will have to do a lot more research then the other job in terms of duties the job requires. Also I will need to do a lot of research on the type of experience I will need for this job. I will pursue this research by reading up on the job itself and then dig deeper on what is expected of me at that specific job. Past reviews

Length of resume/experiential emphasis

                The length of the resume I plan on writing is going to be a page single spaced to a max of two. However I prefer to keep it as short as possible while still including all important things I need to. I prefer it this way because I plan on approaching a few professors about a letter of recommendation and usually a resume is needed for them.  Being that professors are extremely busy as is the last thing I want to do is hand them a 4 page resume and actually expect them to read it. The type of resume I will be writing is an experiential resume because it emphasizes education, activities, and potential employment. A skills resume I feel more so emphasizes pursuing another job in which you already have some type of work experience in that field.

Important classes/ activities

                For the physical therapy job, classes such as sports science, anatomy, and human physiology are courses I consider to be the most important. These courses are directly related to the body, the muscles, joints, and motion of these parts which is exactly what physical therapists deal with. A great understanding of these courses will be crucial in helping future patients rehab different injuries. Furthermore, courses such as organic chemistry and physics two are also very important because although not related directly to physical therapy they show ones ability to think through different problems. For the psych job, the most important courses will be brain and behavior and abnormal psych. I have taken both these courses and brain and behavior deals with how brain functioning can lead to different abnormalities which is what this job deals with. Also abnormal psych will help with being familiar with different disorders and what to expect. Activities that I find relevant are my shadowing experience and also volunteer work because it shows my ability to work with others and also help others.


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