Linzy Verniers


          Name: Linzy Verniers



Course Introductory Email


I believe that I would be a great fit for the English 3050 course.

As a Mechanical Engineering student, I know that in the future I am going to be ranked by my skill set. 

Linzy's introductory email


Course Information




Project 1: Resumé, Cover Letter and Professional Website (includes a digital resumé, cover letter and portfolio)  

  • Components Due Week 3-4  
  • Value 15% 


Project 2Technical Instructions (Wiki-How) and User Test Memos (both can be collaborative) 

  • Components Due Weeks  6-8
  • Value 25%


Project 3: Two-Component Report:  Collaborative Research plan and Technical Report

  • Components Due Weeks 10-15
  • Value 40%


Project 4: Performance Review Memo  

  • Due Week 15
  • Value 10%


Short Written Assignments and Group Work

  • Due on a 'Just-in-time' basis
  • Value 10% 




Group Work

Linzy's Group Work


Short Writing Assignments

Linzy's SWAs


Linzy's Project's


Project 1


Project 2

Wikihow site

User Test Script

User Test Memo

User Test Data