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Lauren Harmon
Computer Science/Sophomore

Hello Professor Jared,

  I am interested in taking your course this upcoming winter semester for 2015.  I am interested in this course because it is one a requirement for my computer science degree, two I think it is very important to know how to write in a professional and business matter; and I feel I could benefit quite well. I believe my strengths as a writer is being able to come up with ideas and thoughts very quickly. I am very articulate when it comes to forming my ideas and thoughts very beautifully into sentences. On the other hand I believe my grammar usage needs some work as well as constructing a very strong thesis statement. With that in mind I could benefit from this class in helping me make my weakness stronger. Moreover considering I took your class last semester and really enjoyed it, and found it to be beneficial I want to continue my English education with a professor who I find to be really good at what they do. This class has the ability to help me achieve a versatile style to writing. I want to be able to write research papers and analytical papers, but also be able to write in a professional way when needed to. Technical Communications will help me succeed in every day life moving past college; and I really hope that with my reasoning of why I should be in your class you will take the time to give me a chance.

If you have any questions my email is fd1243@Wayne.edu Thank you and hope to hear from you soon

Lauren Harmon







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