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Zahoui's introductory email

Page history last edited by Ali Zahoui 9 years, 3 months ago

Hello Dr. Grogan

My name is Ali Zahoui. I’m currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at Wayne State University in Mechanical Engineer. After speaking to my advisor, I was informed that I need to enroll in ENG 3050 course for the upcoming semester. I’m currently employed at company in Auburn Hills in the engineering department in charge of foreign vehicles restraint system. Since the company is worldwide, I noticed that I have to communicate a lot with engineers inside the building and designers outside the country. I found myself writing most of time.  For example I had to write few instruction pages on how to get a prototype designed, assembled and tested. I also had to help making presentations about an upcoming new design for new technology. I figured enrolling in this course would help me improve my writing to stay in touch with employees and the market on a professional level.
Outside my career as a mechanical engineer, I race motorcycles in the national league and I would use the techniques learned in this class to write up some proposal for sponsors to major companies in the future as a professional racer. Since I will be contacting professionals, I also like to look and sound professional using my writing techniques. However I found that my weakness in writing is the ability to use proper words and not just basic everyday used words. I find myself writing more than the subject needs.  On the other hand I’m very skilled at writing or explaining real life situations. In previous classes my grades were very good on essays that were related to real life experiences but not as good in writing about subjects that I’ve never encountered. I believe since I’m employed in my field, I would be able to point out specific details we are learning that I know it should help others pursuing the same career.

If you have any question or concerns please write me back. I hope I hear from you soon about your decision of enrollment in ENG 3050.

Thank you,
Ali Zahoui
Best regards

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